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Vaporizing is becoming more and more accessible, and the oil vape is by far the most popular design in the industry. With a variety of styles and a multitude of brands to choose from, VPM understands that you won’t settle for less than the highest quality products to use with your material of choice. We offer compatibility with the most popular brands including the CCell Vape line with the best prices around, and all of our oil vapes are designed specifically for your thick oil.


  • Though oil, dry herb, and wax vapes all consume different materials, vaporizers as a whole operate on the same basic principle. A rechargeable battery heats an atomizer, which turns your chosen material into a vapor that you inhale via a mouthpiece. 
  • Oil vapes utilize a tank which contains a heating element that evaporates its contents. Some models have an integrated tank with replacement coils available. In many cases, the heating element is part of the tank itself, making the entire unit interchangeable, providing increased versatility. 
  • With just a single oil vaporizer, you have the option to quickly change mouthpieces and tanks using a common 510-thread system. In addition, some designs offer you the option to adjust the convection temperature, letting you regulate the intensity of your draw.


We know that feeling in control of your oil vape experience is important. That’s why we allow you to jump in the driver’s seat by offering a variety of products to choose from. Due to the incredibly flexible nature of oil vaporizers, we can provide you with everything from complete kits of the most popular and efficient designs, or allow you to pick and choose which parts you’d like to purchase. 

Oil vaporizers are rapidly gaining in popularity among both medical and recreational users. These vapes for oil can be used with both CBD and THC oil concentrates. No matter your concentrate of choice, experience level, or unique preferences, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at 

Kits: Just Fill and Enjoy

You bring your oil of choice, and we’ll provide the rest. VPM offers multiple kits that come with everything you need to get started, such as the simple yet elegant CCell Luster Oil Vape Pen. Kits are an excellent choice for anyone interested in oil vaporizers, but they are a great choice for beginners because of the ease and simplicity of use. 

Pen or Pod Style Vapes: Slim, Sleek, & Stealthy

As is exemplified by the Hermes 3 Oil Vaporizer and the VFire by iKrusher, pen and pod style vapes are popular because of their compact design, strong output, and daily dependability.

  • Pen and pod style vapes are small enough to take on the go, but deliver enough of a punch to make each pull worth it. 
  • Whether button or inhale activated, convenience is a premiere advantage to these vaporizers, so you can be certain that you’ll be able to enjoy your oil at your discretion.
  • The straightforward engineering makes filling and maintenance a breeze. 
  • Since portability is one of the main benefits of this style, brands like Yocan and iKrusher often ensure leakproof performance and durable housing. 

Slip any one of our pen or pod style vapes in your pocket, purse, or pack, and access the enjoyment of concentrate consumption with confidence. 

Versatile Batteries: Perfect Performance with Every Puff

Whether you’re looking for a stylish vaporizer with multiple heat settings, like the Vessel Compass Battery, or a beautiful, powerful battery that features top of the line engineering and performance, like the CCell Palm Battery, VPM offers it with pride.

  • Our selection of rechargeable vape pen batteries offer great voltage and battery power, meaning longer times between charging, larger puffs, and consistent heating with each draw.
  • The palm-sized engineering offers universal comfort and optimal discretion. 
  • All of our batteries are compatible with 510-thread cartridges, making them customizable and easy to use.
  • Many offer durable aluminum alloy housing available in different color options, and with the option of choosing the cartridge you like, you are in control of curating an oil vape that’s stylish and unique to you. 

Browse our Oil Cartridge Batteries to find a high-powered, high-efficiency vaporizer that is sure to be a perfect addition to your collection, whether for at-home enjoyment or vaporizing on the go. 

Disposable Vaporizers: Concentrate Convenience

Disposable vapes and single use vape carts like the CCell M6T offer a few benefits over other oil vapes in regards to charging, tasting, and sharing products. 

  • Dispensaries and others making their own oil blends benefit from a disposable oil pen, because you can easily fill them for taste-testing. 
  • Disposable pens use their disposability to help with stealth, making it one of the most discreet ways to vape your concentrate. 
  • The small, thin appearance of the vaporizer makes it look like an e-cig. Once capped, it cannot be reopened, making it look different than any other oil vaporizer. Disposable pens are the perfect travel companion.
  • Although they are not reusable or rechargeable, disposable pens can be recycled once finished. Just drop off an empty vaporizer wherever you bring your battery/electronics recycling. 

A Cartridge or Pod for Any Battery

Whichever battery you choose from our large selection, you’ll find a compatible cartridge or pod with VPM. We offer popular reusable options, like the CCell TH2 EVO Cartridge, which is a 510-thread cartridge that comes in three sizes and features three different mouthpiece options. 

We also have disposable options that are at the forefront of the industry and extremely easy to use, like the CCell M6T Oil Cartridge or VFire Pod.

Our cartridges and pods will complement your battery well, since the brands we supply are committed to constantly bettering the oil vaporizer industry. You can be confident you’re getting state of the art technology that will handle your concentrate with top of the line performance.


Still not finding what you’re looking for? Check out our other products for the kit, battery, or cartridge that is perfectly tailored for your needs and preferences. We’re more than happy to help answer questions about compatibility or use, so you can find the best vape pen for you. 

Customer service is an important priority at, and we are here to assist you in any way we can. We confidently guarantee happiness and satisfaction to all of our customers!