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Oil Vape Pens

Between oil, wax, and herb vaping, oil vaping is by far the most popular. That’s why VPM carries a variety of vape pen batteries designed specifically for your oil use in mind. These days, more people have access to oils in areas around the world, and are turning to vaporization as their primary form of consumption. Let us help you find the right battery for your oil use.

Our diverse selection of oil batteries are designed for use with a specific pod or 510-threaded oil cartridges (such as a CCell TH2 or other oil cartridge). We offer vape pen batteries with and without buttons, various pod pens, and unique batteries. Check out the individual product pages to learn more about our selection.

We’re more than happy to help answer questions about compatibility or use, so you can find the best vape pen for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.