CCell TH2 oil cartridge all variations updated
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CCell TH2 oil cartridge all variations updated

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CCell TH2 & EVO Oil Cartridge


Our Guaranteed Authentic CCell® Brand TH2 Oil Cartridges use a unique and state-of-the-art ceramic atomizer, glass tank, and your choice of ceramic or wood mouthpiece. Currently in stock are the original TH2 “S” model, TH2 “SE” model, and the TH2 EVO model.

  • Available in 1.0g, 0.5g, and 0.3g capacities
  • CCell’s patented ceramic core atomizer
  • Medical grade, stainless steel internal components
  • Glass tank with Ceramic or Red Cedar Wood Mouthpiece
  • Mouthpiece can be screwed on and off
  • Guaranteed Authentic. Leakproof & won’t clog
  • Recommended Batteries: Authentic CCell Batteries
used for: oil

Meet the CCell TH2 “EVO” Empty Cartridge

Are you ready for the next evolution in oil cartridge technology? Ready or not, it’s here! CCell, the company that brought us the world-famous TH2 cartridge, has just released its latest cart iteration, the CCell TH2 “Evo”. Empty CCell carts are available for online purchase from VPM.

Evo Advantages

CCell claims the new Evo cart will provide enhanced taste, larger clouds, and the maximum possible consistency. The way that they achieve this is by ensuring that the heating element receives equal heat distribution. One major factor allowing this improved heat distribution is the spacing and size of the microscopic pores on the ceramic heating element.

While testing the CCell Evo, one study found that it produced 43% larger clouds with live resin and 23% larger clouds with distillate than the original TH2. The better heat distribution makes for about a 25% increase in thermal efficiency, meaning less power produces more heat. They also changed the size of the coil, making it 30% larger than its predecessor. More surface area means more heat faster.

This new CCell oil cartridge provides approximately a 20% improvement in consistency compared to the M6T. The Evo has an advanced oxidation-prevention coating that is applied to the heating coil. This oxidation-resistant treatment is responsible for the improved vapor consistency.

Evo and the Environment

Go green with the CCell Evo. The manufacturer took several steps to make the Evo more green. This equates to improved human consumption safety as well as a reduced environmental impact. In studies, it was shown that the release of harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde were reduced by more than 50% on the Evo cartridge. In addition to being safer for humans, CCell has also created a manufacturing process that requires 33% less processing, resulting in an approximately 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Empty CCell Evo Cartridge Specs

The Evo uses the industry standard 510 threading. It is available in both 0.5g and 1.0g capacities. The dimensions are 2.44 inches tall, and it has a port opening size of 10.5mm. This means that the CCell Evo cartridge is compatible with all 510 threaded batteries that are 10mm or more in diameter. The glass on the cart is made from borosilicate, so it should provide plenty of side-wall strength. The center post is manufactured from medical-grade stainless steel. The Evo has a resistance of 1.4 Ohms. That being said, we still strongly suggest that you take care not to drop your cartridge.

Evo Cart Reviews

CCell TH2 Evo reviews are starting to trickle in, and most reviewers have positive things to say. One common thread among reviews is that they have all noticed a significant taste improvement. Many say that the vapor is more crisp or clean feeling on inhale. Many have concluded that the new Evo will cause people to choose more premium oils because the flavor profiles are noticeably different from this cart. In addition, all reviews we have read indicate that the CCell Evo does indeed produce larger clouds than the TH2.

Designed with Thick Oils in Mind

The Evo should be able to handle thicker oils than most oil carts on the market. CCell specifically designed this cartridge to be more compatible with high-terp concentrates, which are generally speaking thicker than other oils. This expected better performance is due in part to the new heating element design but also designed the ports to flow better. Most people who have used the Evo report not experiencing clogging issues with thick oils. Even with the new thick oil capabilities, we suggest pairing the Evo cartridge with a variable voltage battery such as the CCell Palm Pro.


To Sum it All Up

In conclusion, the state-of-the-art CCell TH2 Evo cartridge is an excellent upgrade from the earlier TH2 and M6T models. You can expect large clouds and great flavor from this cart. It’s compatible with all 510-thread batteries and has a max diameter of 10.5MM. You can use it with thick or thin oils and get a great hit every time. When you are ready, you can buy the CCell Evo cart from


The CCell TH2 SE

Welcome the TH2 SE, our newest addition to the CCell TH2 cart series. Thanks to its borosilicate glass tank your cart is now more durable for those who like to play rough. Enjoy peace of mind using your SE carts that are 100% compliant with industry regulations. Additionally, savor the true-to-flavor experience with the best-in-class ceramic heating technology.


The Original CCell TH2 Oil Cartridge – The foundation for Evo

The original CCell TH2 oil cartridge that is stylish, dependable, and easy to use. Go ahead and celebrate because your search is over for reliability in oil cartridges! CCell’s TH2 & TH2S Oil Cartridge offers all of that and so much more.



Undeniably, the empty CCell cartridges are at the forefront of the oil cartridge industry. The TH2 features an innovative, state of the art ceramic atomizer. This revolutionary engineering enhances power and efficiency, promising pure flavor and large clouds. CCell’s TH2 comes in three sizes, offers three mouthpiece options, and can be easily opened and resealed.

This versatile cartridge can be used in any battery that is compatible with a standard 510-thread oil cartridge. However, the best performance, flavor, and potency is achieved by pairing the TH2 with one of CCell’s many award-winning batteries, such as the CCell Palm Battery or CCell Silo.

CCell commits to providing a luxury user experience without compromising on price or accessibility. The TH2 cartridge is a perfect and affordable choice for fans of distillate vaping or for those who are interested in trying it for the first time.


Why Choose the CCell TH2 & TH2S Oil Cartridge

Many of our customers review the CCell TH2 as the best refillable cartridge on the market, and we can’t argue with that! Truthfully, there are several advantages and features that make the TH2 a great choice:

  • Ceramic atomizer that works to absorb the oil
  • Embedded coil that features adequate resistance and equivalent gaps; virtually zero oil is wasted
  • Compatible with thicker oil than most traditional atomizers
  • Even distribution of heat to the distillate oil–you get a consistent, powerful puff every time
  • Glass cartridge designed to offer optimal oil flow and anticorrosive properties
  • Leakproof, silicone seal between detachable mouthpiece and cartridge
  • Only food and medical-grade materials are used to ensure safety and quality
  • Sleek, compact design for optimal discretion
  • The model in this listing is the “TH2S”, which has stainless steel internals
  • No need to wait for the TH2 to preheat; just inhale and enjoy!
  • Compatibility with all vape pen batteries.

The TH2 Cartridge will fit seamlessly into your daily routine and redefine your expectations for oil vaping. But if you still aren’t convinced, there are other reasons our customers love the TH2.


Empty CCell Cartridge Sizes: Volume for Any Preference

It’s important to feel in control of your experience. By offering various sizes and styles to choose from, CCell puts you in the driver’s seat.

There are three size options for the CCell TH2 Oil Cartridge: 0.3g, 0.5g, and 1.0g, and you can typically fit about one gram of oil concentrate in the 1.0 gram size cartridge. The full gram TH2 is our best seller, but there is a size for any preference. A smaller size will provide heightened discretion, and increasing the cartridge volume will maximize the length of usability.

The official part numbers for the CCell cartridges are:

  • TH203 (0.3g)
  • TH205 (0.5g)
  • TH210 (1.0g)

Image that features size options of CCell TH2

Mouthpiece Options for Increased Style

CCell offers yet another way to customize your experience. Each cartridge has a replaceable mouthpiece, which is easily attached by screwing it onto the top of the cartridge. Mouthpieces are available in Red Cedar Wood, Black Ceramic, or White Ceramic. This variety of styles is sure to fit any mood and complement any battery design.

Three mouthpiece options: black ceramic, white ceramic, and red cedar wood

Testing & Safety: You’re in Good Hands

CCell is committed to ensuring consumer safety. All products are ISO and GMP compliant. Therefore, quality is tested and guaranteed through every step of the process. From manufacturing to management, CCell promises standard-setting performance. 

CCell hardware is manufactured under strict oversight using the highest quality materials. All components of their products pass stringent heavy metal testing and are certified compliant per state regulations. View all CCell heavy metal testing and certifications here


Industry Leading CCell Cartridge Technology

CCell’s products are manufactured by Smoore Technology. They were one of the very first companies to start manufacturing vape products, and since their inception in 2006, they have grown exponentially to become the industry leader in professional vaporizer manufacturing.

The sheer size of Smoore Technology allows them to invest millions of dollars into the development of new and better vape parts. Their patented ceramic oil heating element is just one thing that sets CCell cartridges apart from the competition. They hold nearly 20 patents and are constantly innovating the industry.



The manufacturer supplies VPM directly with empty CCell cartridges, so you can rest assured your product is authentic CCell. When your CCell TH2 cartridge arrives, you can be confident you’re getting a top-of-the-line product.


VPM Promises Guaranteed Authentic CCell Brand Products

To ensure your safety on our end, VPM only purchases from certified CCell distributors 3Win and Jupiter to bring you Authentic CCell Brand products. 

The product varies slightly in appearance depending upon the distributor; 3Win has the CCell mark on the cartridges, and distributor Jupiter leaves theirs without it. The very bottom of your cartridge will show the mark of either 3Win or Jupiter. Either way, you’ll be getting a product we love from a company we trust. 


CCell Cartridge Refill Option

CCell has a cartridge for any need. The CCell M6T Oil Cartridge is a disposable option for quick, on-the-go vaping. The TH2 is CCell’s refillable option. The TH2 is an economic and unique product because of its reusable capability.

Unlike the M6T mouthpiece which doesn’t come off once attached, the mouthpiece on your TH2 easily screws on and off when you’re ready for a cartridge refill. To fill the TH2, we recommend the Luer Lock Vape Syringe which has a blunt tip needle for easy and clean extraction from the syringe.

Luer lock filling syringe

Tips and Info on Leaky Oil Cartridges

Here are some tips and information we’ve gathered from the manufacturer and their distributors on how to do your part to avoid leaky CCell cartridges:

  • Changes in elevation, like air travel, can cause a cartridge to leak.
  • It’s best to store your filled cartridges in cool, dry places. Increase in temperature can cause leaking, so leaving your cartridge in a hot car may result in spillage.
  • If you can’t avoid temperature or elevation changes, store your cartridge with the mouthpiece pointed down so the atomizer can breathe and there can be no leakage through the bottom.
  • After filling, cap the cartridge within two minutes to create a vacuum within the tank. Beyond ten minutes, you run a greater risk of the atomizer completely saturating and leakage occurring through the bottom of the cartridge. Putting your mouthpiece on the cartridge is like putting your thumb on the top of a straw.

The TH2 isn’t infinitely refillable, so if you’re experiencing any leakage or stickiness, it may be time to replace your cartridge.


Fill, Insert, Enjoy!

Using the cartridge is simple.

  • Fill the glass tank with a concentrate of your choice.
  • If necessary, screw a magnetic adapter onto the bottom of the cartridge.
  • Then, simply slide it into your battery and begin an extraordinary vape experience.


Overall, the TH2 is a beloved oil cartridge that consistently performs at the highest level.

If you want more information on the CCell Vape family of devices or any of the products we offer, feel free to reach out to us. Customer service is a main priority at VPM, and we are here to help you in any way we can. We confidently guarantee happiness and satisfaction to all of our customers!



Product: CCell TH2 & EVO Oil Cartridge

The parts that fit. Not the parts that quit.
Clouds out of your mouth not your ears
Processed within 24 hours. Shippity-doo-dah!
That’s just good manners.
Mind your business nosey neighbors.
Because why shouldn’t we?

CCell TH2 & EVO Oil Cartridge FAQs

While some may confuse any "oil cartridge" for a CCell Cartridge, only CCell® Brand cartridges can technically be considered as "CCell Cartridges".
Authentic CCell Brand Cartirdges are famous for their groudbreaking "Ceramic Core" atomizer technology which provide full flavor and excellent vapor production for thick oils.
It can be difficult to differentiate between knock-off and real CCell cartridges. Here's some guidance to determine if your CCell cartridge is authentic. The bottom (underneath) side of the cartridge will contain (3) engravings:
  1. The CCELL logo
  2. The batch number (ex. C2320)
  3. Logo or name of CCell Certified Distributor 
*There are (4) certified distributors of CCell products, which include: Jupiter, 3 Win, CB, & Kush (K). All CCell Cartridges from VPM.COM meet this citeria and are guaranteed authentic. 
The CCell TH2 oil cartridge has universal 510 threads and can be used with nearly any vape pen battery. The TH2 can be used with inhale activated and button activated batteries.
The CCell TH2 is 1.25-1.45 Ohms Ω
If your CCell TH2 cartridge is clogged or not working, the first step is to try a different battery. In particular, try a battery with variable voltage settings and use a high temperature so the atomizer heats enough to remove any clogs. Another tip is to clearn the bottom of your cartridge and contact point of your battery with a Q-Tip to ensure it's completely clean. 

25 reviews for CCell TH2 & EVO Oil Cartridge

  1. Daniel H.

    Tried both EVO and SE. EVO has more puffs and is very smooth. SE less puff but good value with the price. Both recommended.

  2. John

    I love your TH2 SE, great cart, affordable price!

  3. Smithers (verified owner)

    Love the Evo carts I received in record time ! Running very thick unrefined oil and getting great hits regardless. Need to contact VPM about a problem I had after about 2 weeks the mouthpiece came un-glued from the metal top and wants to leak everywhere now.
    Thankfully I always keep the cart safe and upright but I think it’s ruined now.

  4. bill (verified owner)

    i still like the original th2 but the new evo ones die after 2-3 refills like it was disconnected from the battery. theyre fine if youre not refilling but stick to the original if you are refilling

  5. Max W.

    Very high build quality. Well engineered. Looks and feels great. Works even better. Love it!

  6. tanya Knight (verified owner)

    Of all the different vape pens I’ve tried this is, by far the most wonderful vaping pen ever. The technology is bar none, genius. The simplicity of the cartridge and the whole heating aspect is a relief. Can’t believe all the nonsense I’ve gone through in the past on changing cartridges with their burnt out inner parts. Never again. I hope they keep the Palm CCell for a LONG time. It’s perfect.

  7. Wes Gwinn (verified owner)

    Love these! VPM has the best customer service period 👍Will definitely be a lifetime customer

  8. 5pence (verified owner)

    Genuine CCell, accept no substitutes. Clean, strong and favorfull hit, everytime. Yes, it’s designed for thick oils. However, I’ve been using E-juice no problem. 50/50, 65/35, doesn’t matter, it all works, no leaks. Nothing better out there.
    The bomb, VPM is. Better service, you will not find.

  9. JOHN C DELDUCA (verified owner)


  10. JOHN C DELDUCA (verified owner)


  11. lesliegormanduncan (verified owner)

    I love these carts, the 1000mg size is great. I can get an 800mg syringe and have a little room at the top of the cart still. They also seem higher quality than other carts I’ve gotten for the same price. Also, the shipping from this company is insanely fast, it’s pretty much 2 day shipping, it’s awesome.

  12. Matt (verified owner)

    Even in the middle of a pandemic my order got shipped immediately and they sent me some awesome stickers that really made me smile 🙂 thanks guys.

  13. Vape Parts Mart (verified owner)

    Thank you, Sergio! You are too kind!

  14. sergio Nesti

    Amazing product for thick concentrate. I ordered from VPM and they shipped it with in 15 min of me placing the order and it got to me in 2 days! Amazing website definitely going to be ordering more from them.

  15. Forest Hill (verified owner)

    [* VPM Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Great cart, with much better flavor than the carts from my local shop. Do note, however, that high VG concentration juices do NOT work well in these carts. You get the flavor but they also burn like hell. Get juice with at least 50% PG though, and you’re golden.

  16. D

    [* VPM Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I love these cartridges!! They make my life easier & save me $ in the process. I love that I can fill my own & occasionally get more than 1 use. Always keep the device upright, sometimes material gets in the tip.

  17. Sylvia Contreras (verified owner)

    Best refillable cartridges I’ve purchased!! Goes great with my CCell Palm!!

  18. Alex

    Great customer service.
    Very responsive during communication(Which is inportant!) More than likely will be back here than my local uneducated vape shop.

  19. Chukar (verified owner)

    Hands down the best cart. Pair it with VPMs customer service (Travis) then throw in a Palm batt-you are golden.

  20. Topher DeHerrera (verified owner)

    Wow! I’ve been vaping oil for a few years now and nothing has hit better than this, including a double-perk dab rig. I bought the CCell Silo to go with and the combo is absolutely fantastic.

  21. brennanizm (verified owner)

    Nothing compares to CCELL’s TH2 oil cartridge.

  22. Toby Foot (verified owner)

    Great product. I’ve had zero problems with leaks and the cartridges are really well made.
    There was a bit of an issue with the tracking number when waiting for delivery but the customer service was prompt and professional, would definitely buy again.

  23. M Shurgot

    Love this battery, lasts for days. Ccell in general in a great company.

  24. James

    Great flavor and fat rips. Not easy to load unless you heat your material but beyond that this cartridge is great.

  25. triryche (verified owner)

    The best refillable oil cart I’ve found.

  26. Peter

    Best cartridge we’ve ever used, by far!

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