CCell Rizo in Light Gray with a cartridge installed. Cart has a black tip.
CCell Rizo bottom view showing the silicone cover and access to the charging port and volt selector switch.
Side view of a gray CCell Rizo with a cartridge installed.
CCell Rizo in Light Gray with a cartridge installed. Cart has a black tip.
CCell Rizo in Light Gray with a cartridge installed. Cart has a black tip.


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CCell Rizo Battery

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The CCell Rizo is latest Palm Style oil cartridge battery from CCell. 

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The Rizo by CCell is one of the most highly anticipated oil cartridges vapes of 2022. Expected to drop in mid-August, the Rizo is the long-desired follow-up to their ever-popular CCell Palm – one of the most popular selling vapes of all time.


Here’s what we know about the Rizo so far:

  • Accepts 510 Thread Cartridges
  • Includes Haptic Feedback Functionality
  • USB-C Charging Port
  • Inhale Activated
  • Requires Magnetic Cartridge Adapter
  • Metal Alloy Casing
  • Variable Voltage Heating Function
  • More Details Coming Soon!
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CCell Rizo Oil Cartridge Battery


Cell Rizo Introduction

Introducing the latest oil cartridge vaporizer from CCell. The CCell Rizo was initially announced back in May of 2022, and ever since, the forums have been abuzz with anticipation. Professional reviewers and novice users alike have been clamoring for more information.

As of today, July 26th, 2022, the CCell Rizo is expected to be available for sale sometime in mid-August. Customers interested in reserving a Rizo may do so at by clicking the “Notify Me” button on this page.

Luckily for us, demo units were sent out to a select few professional reviewers and valued retail partners. The related CCell Rizo reviews and information are starting to trickle out now, so we’ve taken the liberty of compiling all of the most important details about the CCell Rizo in one place.

CCell Rizo Battery

The battery in the new Rizo vape is a Lithium-Ion battery with a 300mAh capacity rating.

This is a reasonably low battery capacity for compact oil vapes. For reference, the CCell Palm and Silo both have a 500mAh capacity. A larger mAh rating indicates how long a battery can theoretically go before needing to be charged.

Because the CCell Rizo has a lower mAh rating, we expect it to need recharging more often than its predecessors. In fact, we expect it to have a similar battery life to a pen-style vape like the CCell M3+ (350mAh).

The time between Rizo battery charges will vary depending on how long of a hit you take and which voltage setting you select.

Rizo Voltage Options

Voltage options for the CCell Rizo vaporizer are 2.8V and 3.3V.

The Rizo is CCell’s 2nd inhale-activated vape battery with a dual temp option, the first being the M3+. That being said, this is the very first dual temperature vape available in the non-pen Palm-style form factor that CCell has ever produced.

Temperature selection is easily chosen using the switch located at the bottom of the device next to the charging port. The two voltage settings are indicated by an engraved (H) and (L) next to the switch.

The (H) position will provide power at 3.3 volts, and the (L) position will power the vape with 2.8V.

According to CCell corporate, the 2.8 volt setting on the Rizo is recommended for use with “high terpene extracts such as live resin.” They claim that the (L) setting is the “Flavor” setting which is best to “enjoy truer-to-taste flavors.” The (H) setting is considered their “Potency” setting and is suggested to be best for “realizing larger clouds and maximum potency.”

In our experience, most cannasseurs prefer a lower voltage which generally produces a smaller hit and a more pure turpine profile. However, on the other hand, a large number of consumers and professional reviewers prefer a higher voltage setting which will generally produce a big hit but also sometimes creates a burnt taste. CCell claims to have eliminated the risk of burnt taste even on their highest voltage setting for the Rizo device.

Physical Size of the CCell Rizo

One of the first things that you notice with the Rizo is its compact size. The official measurements for the CCell Rizo are 2.47″ tall by 1.34″ wide and 0.58″ thick. This makes it taller and thicker but less wide than the CCell Palm.

These dimensions do not include the cartridge. The cartridge tip will protrude out the top of the vape, depending on the length of your cartridge.

The Rizo was designed to be compatible with CCell’s own cartridges, so the cartridge depth was made to match the 1ML TH2 cart. The dimensions of the cartridge opening slot are roughly 11mm in diameter and 62mm in depth.

Many fans online call the Rizo design post-modern and quite striking. In my personal opinion, I think that the Rizo closely resembles the old compact cell phones from the early 2000s.

It has smooth edges all the way around and a rectangular design that is sure to be popular. This Palm-style of compact battery has always been a well-liked choice with consumers, and the Rizo should be no exception. Its discrete size allows it to be easily concealed within a hand’s palm or slipped into a pocket.

Materials Used to Make the CCell Rizo

CCell boasts that the all-new Rizo has a “full-metallic aluminum casing.” This metal casing gives the device a solid yet comfortable hand feel. Those who have held the Rizo in their hand mention that it feels like a quality vape that appears well constructed.

It is available in two shades of gray, dark and light, for the main body and comes with a black trim piece that lines the device.

CCell further goes on to claim that the Rizo is both waterproof and shock-resistant.  This is likely due in part to the fitted silicon cover attached at the vape’s bottom to seal off the charging port and voltage selector switch. Only time will tell if these durability claims hold up in the long run.

CCell is known for its thorough quality control measures, and it is probably safe to assume that the Rizo was subjected to “extremely rigorous quality control standards,” as they claim.

Four different types of material are used in the manufacture of the CCell Rizo, a Zinc Alloy, Aluminum, Silicone, and Polycarbonate Plastic (PC).

Works with 510 Thread carts

CCell recommends pairing the Rizo with one of the carts they manufacture, either the TH2 or Zico.

Realistically the Rizo is compatible with 95% of 510 threaded carts on the market. The number one limiting factor is the diameter (AKA cartridge width). Any carts that are wider than 11mm will likely not fit into the space designated for the cartridge on the Rizo.

The second limiting factor is that all carts must be used with a magnetic adapter. These simple little devices screw onto the bottom of the cart and then use the power of magnets to make the electronic connection that powers the vape.

Includes Dual-Heat Switching

To control the voltage on the Rizo, simply slide the dual heat switch on the bottom of the oil vape.

To access this switch, you must first remove the protective silicon cover. The cover is designed to stay attached to the vape, so use caution when removing it.

Both sides of the dual heat switch are marked with a capital letter, H on the left and L on the right. The H indicates the high setting, or as CCell refers to it, the “Potency” setting. The L indicates the low setting, which CCell calls the “Flavor” setting, and provides 2.8v of power. The Rizo will power your cart with 3.3 volts when set on H.

Be sure to replace the silicon cover after adjusting the dual heat switch to help protect your Rizo.

Inhale activation

Just like its predecessors, the Palm and Silo, the CCell Rizo is inhale-activated.

That means you don’t’ have to press a button to get the cart to fire; simply inhale.

Depending on the thickness of the oil and the borehole size in your cart, you may have to inhale more or less to activate the power.

When the vape is powering the cartridge, the LED light at the top will turn on, and you will feel a slight vibration.

Haptic feedback

The vibration you feel when you take a hit from the CCell Rizo is called haptic feedback. The Rizo’s haptic feedback function is activated automatically and cannot be disabled.

As far as we can tell, there are only two instances when haptic feedback turns on, but there may be some feedback when an error code is triggered. The first instance is when you insert a cart into the Rizo, and it makes a good connection, and the second is when you inhale.

Drop-in Magnetic Connection

As mentioned above, you must use a CCell magnetic adapter with your 510 threaded cart.

When you buy the CCell Rizo from VPM, it will come with two adapters in the kit, but if you ever lose them or want to have a spare, we have the CCell Rizo adapters and other vape parts for sale online.

We cannot confirm if the Rizo will work with non-CCell adapters at this time.

3-bar LED Indicator

One of the most standout features of the Rizo is the LED light bar at the top of the vape. It is used to indicate charging and when the cartridge receives power.

When lighted, the LED lights create a soft white glow. This helps keep the vaporizer discreet while providing valuable information to the user.

Type-C charging

One of the most significant improvements over the Palm is the transition to USB C charging.

USB C provides more stable, faster charging for portable devices and eliminates guessing which way to insert the plug.

CCell includes a short USB C charging cable in the package when you buy the Rizo, but you should be able to charge it using almost any high-quality USB C charging cable.

To access the charging port, simply remove the silicone protective cover on the bottom of the vaporizer.

CCell Rizo Summary

After taking a first look at the all-new CCell Rizo, we think it will be a big hit. Consumers have eagerly anticipated CCell’s follow-up to the Silo and Palm, and that wait is almost finally over.

Make sure you click “Notify Me” at the top of this page to be the first to know when you can find the CCell Rizo for sale on our site. We have a large quantity on order and will be shipping them out as soon as they are available.

To sum up the Rizo in one sentence, it is a quality-built, Palm-style oil cartridge battery that features two heat settings and haptic feedback. So far, all the CCell Rizo reviews are great, and we’re sure that you will love it too.

Product: CCell Rizo Battery

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