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For portable vaporizers, you often sacrifice quality in exchange for convenience. Dynavap, however, solves this issue and takes portable vaping equipment to the next level. Dynavap engineers and produces all of its products in-house in order to keep the quality consistent and top notch. Shop Dynavap vapesfor a convenient yet high-quality vaping experience.

No Batteries

Batteries can be a nuissance since you always have to constantly monitor its power supply. Batteries are also sensitive to weather conditions and may become damaged and hazardous. Dynavap vaporizers don’t use batteries, so you won’t have to worry about the battery dying or the vaporizer being damaged by hazardous battery waste. Instead, their vaporizers feature a special heating cap that that can be heated with any heat source such as a butane torch lighter. Simply heat the end of the heating cap and rotate the device steadily until you hear a click from the cap signaling the vaporizer has reached optimal temperature. The heated essence of the oil, wax or herb will travel from the conduction chamber to the condenser, creating a rich and flavorful vapor.

You can also shop for individual Dynavap parts to customize your vaporizer to your liking. Dynavap parts are innovatively designed to be compatible with related parts in their brand so you can mix and match. You can check out mouthpieces, heat distribution tips, midsections and condensers that come in a variety of sizes and materials. Wood is a stylish option for mouthpieces and midsections, and all of Dynavap’s wood products are dishwasher safe. Titanium parts are great because they’re lightweight, strong and effective at heat distribution. However, stainless steel parts are cheaper as well as scratch resistant.

We have lots of options for you if you’re searching for a Dynavap vaporizer for sale. Shop our Dynavap vaporizers or vaporizer parts today and re-experience high-quality vaping like no other.