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Flowermate Vapes

A great vaping experience requires a high-quality vape. Choose your favorite Flowermate vape from our wide selection. You can select kits to maximize your experience. We also offer various parts to replace or upgrade your current vaporizer.

Vape Choices

Vaporizers allow you to enjoy your favorite dry herbs by using a safer, easier method than traditional smoking provides. The typical dry herb or wax vape pen has three basic parts:

  • Heating chamber to hold herb while providing just the right amount of heat to extract the best flavor
  • Mouthpiece to separate your lips from the heating chamber
  • Battery or other power source for heat and wattage control

One of our most popular Flowermate vape pens for sale is the Flowermate Aura Dry Herb Vaporizer, but it’s important to choose the vape that is right for you. Peruse the components included in each kit to decide what size, mouthpiece options and heat source is best for your needs.

Vape Accessories

There are several options for making your vaping experience the best it can be. Choose the traditional glass mouthpiece or pick a model that matches the more durable silicone mouthpiece. We have herb and wax pods available as well as a water bubbler with a measuring vial. If your heating element burns out, you can replace it without having to purchase a whole new vape.

Vape Usage

Vaporizers are easy to operate, but following certain guidelines can prolong the life of your vape and enhance your experience. Grind your herbs into small pieces to make them heat more evenly and load them into a clean chamber every time. Heat the device to the desired temperature and inhale through the mouthpiece. Removing all residue after each use keeps your vaporizer clean and ready to use.

Our selection offers different sizes and mouthpieces to find the best V5 vape that’s right for you. Try different herbs and combinations to hit your vaping sweet spot!