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About Ispire Vapes

With a 10 year history in vape manufacturing, Ispire announced their in-house brand launch into the cannabis industry in the summer of 2020. They developed a unique collection of battery systems and cartridges and VPM is excited to bring them to you!


Ispire Ducore Cartridges 

Ispire’s patented Ducore technology has elevated vaping with a uniquely designed airflow system that provides exceptional airflow unrivaled by other small tanks, providing up to 400% more airflow than standard cartridges. Dual ceramic coils and a leak-proof, anti-clog body allow you to get the most out of your oils. The Ispire Ducore S Cartridge is Ispire’s standard size (11mm) cartridge with a 510 thread. These cartridges will fit any 510 thread battery system but will perform best with Ispire’s SRT V270 and DZD 900 Batteries. The Ispire Ducore X Cartridge is one of the most unique cartridges on the market. Larger than a standard cartridge (13.5mm), the Ducore X has an adjustable airflow, allowing you to customize the intensity of your draw. This cartridge packs a punch and creates some serious clouds. These cartridges are also a 510 thread but due to their unique width, we recommend that they only be paired with the Ispire THK V350 and GRP 400 batteries.


Ispire Ducore Batteries

Ispire offers both pen/stick style batteries and drop in style batteries to pair perfectly with each of their Ducore Cartridges. Designed for the Ducore S, the SRT V270 is a variable voltage pen style battery with a stainless steel body. If you prefer a drop in style battery that fits pleasantly in your palm, the DZD 900 is impressive in style and function. Both of these batteries will also fit any standard 510 thread oil cartridge.  The Ispire THK V350 and the GRP 400 are both designed to fit perfectly with the Ducore X Cartridge. Because of the cartridges extended width, it is suggested that these products be used exclusively with one another. Each drop in style battery includes two sizes of magnetic adapters and every battery includes a micro USB charging cable, the charge current up to 1A, which gives quick charge.


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