Ispire The Wand primary photo
Ispire Wand VPM lifestyle photo in hand
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Ispire The Wand induction dab heater angled view
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Ispire The Wand Induction heater close up
Ispire The Wand Induction eNail in use over banger
Ispire Induction heater in use with dab cup
Ispire Wand induction heater in use close up
Ispire Wand Straight Banger with induction dab cup
Ispire Wand Angled Banger with induction dab cup
Ispire Wand Induction Dab Cup part
Induction dab wax cup for Ispire Wand
Ispire Wand inductin dab cup top view
Ispire The Wand Ceramic Carb Cap part
Ispire Wand charging
Ispire Wand induction heating dab kit with batteries opened
Ispire The Wand primary photo


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The Wand by Ispire

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If you’re curious what the future of dabbing looks like, you’re looking at it! The Wand is an Induction eNail Dab Kit that replaces the outdated and costly heating method of butane and torch lighters. It’s finally time to toss out the torch!

  • Innovative induction heating technology
  • Replaces butane and torch lighter
  • Precise temperature settings, ranging from 450° to 800°
  • Complete kit in retail packaging includes everything you need to get started: 1x The Wand,  2x banger (angled and straight), 2x Induction Dab Cups, Carb Cap, USB-C charging cable, Batteries, User Manual
  • The Wand Replacement Parts and Accessories are available here.
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Ispire “The Wand” eNail Dab Kit

Meet the Ispire Wand, a digital torch if you will. The Wand is a brand-new, innovative product that will change the way that you dab forever. Toss out your old torch and never reorder butane again! The Ispire Wand is basically a cross between an eNail, a torch, and a banger. With the Wand you can heat up a banger to the precise temperature that performs best for the specific concentrate you are using. From crumble to sauce to shatter and everything in between, the Ispire Wand has you covered. Because no butane or flame is used to heat up the banger you will always get a pure clean flavor. This often comes as a surprise to new users as the taste is different from dabs in traditionally heated bangers.



eNail Banger Heating – A Digital Torch

Induction heating technology is used to turn electricity into heat providing you with a clean and perfect hit every time without the use of a torch or butane. An easy to use digital display allows you to set the precise temp that you prefer in 5° increments. The full temperature range is from 450° to 800° and Ispire recommends using a temp of 710° for most concentrates. Ispire cracked the induction heating puzzle by encasing a metal conductor completely in Borosilicate Glass. Your concentrate will never come in contact with anything other than pure clean glass. This is by far the best dabbing method available on the market today.

Ispire Wand Batteries and Charging

One feature on the Wand that people are raving about is the fact that Ispire chose to go with user replaceable batteries. With the current trend of so many portable electronics being designed as throwaway devices, it’s refreshing to see a large reputable manufacturer like Ispire stepping up to the plate and allowing the user replacement of batteries. When it comes time to replace the batteries, you can use any reputable 18650 battery pair. Charging the Ispire Wand is a snap. Use any USB C cable to charge your Wand. The USB C port transfers power much more efficiently than the old style Micro USB ports, which allows for faster and safer charging. The integrated LCD screen will provide you with advance warning before your battery completely dies so you have plenty of time to charge this portable eNail before your next dab.


Cleaning and Portability

After you are finished dabbing and it’s time to clean your eNail, you will find that the Wand is virtually mess free! The only part that comes in contact with concentrate is the removable banger. Clean the Ispire glass banger cups quickly and easily with rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and warm water. Another reason that you are going to want to buy the iSpire Wand is portability. The Wand is the only eNail on the market that comes as an all-in-one device that will fit in your pocket. This is a much better option than a traditional eRig because the Wand is compatible will all dab rigs.

Ispire Wand Kit Contents

When you purchase the Ispire Wand from you will receive the full kit in retail packaging. The kit includes the Ispire Wand Digital Torch and everything you need to operate it (except a dab rig). You will find two Ispire borosilicate glass banger cup as well as an angled and straight banger for the cups. Lastly the kit will contain the Ceramic Carb Cap, USB C charging cable, and the user manual. You will need to have your own dab rig and of course some great concentrate to use the Ispire Wand.

How to use the Ispire Wand

The Ispire Wand is incredibly easy to use. Follow the simple steps below to operate your new eNail.

  1. Put the banger attachment into your own dab rig.
  2. Insert the Ispire dab cup into the banger.
  3. Get a dab ready on your dab tool but don’t put it in the dab cup yet.
  4. Rapidly press the power button on the Wand five times to turn it on.
  5. Use the plus and minus buttons to choose your exact temperature.
  6. Attach the Ispire Wand to the banger on your dab rig.
  7. Once the light stops flashing remove the Wand from your rig.
  8. Immediately use your dab tool to place your concentrate into the dab cup.
  9. Enjoy 😉


The Wand by Ispire is a portable induction heating dab kit. Say goodbye to dangerous and inconsistent torches and hello to the future of precise temperature through induction heating.

VPM is proudly the official retailer of Ispire. If you’d like to learn more about the Wand or any other products in the Ispire Vape family of products, please contact us any time.

Product: The Wand by Ispire

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  1. Ivan

    Wow the Wand by Ispire is surprisingly portable and does a better job than my butane and lighter.

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