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We are pleased to introduce our own line of VPM Brand products including cartridges, batteries, disposables, and pod-style vape pens— all designed specifically for thick oils.

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VPM Brand Oil Vape Hardware


At we aim to curate a collection of the world’s finest vapes. Performance, safety, and reliability matter to us in any brand or product line we bring to you on the VPM platform. We run from the cheap junk that quite literally leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


We decided to launch the VPM brand with a collection of cartridges, batteries, disposables, and pod systems. We’ll add more color options as soon as we’re able.



VPM brand cartridges are all universal 510 threaded and use a ceramic atomizer. They are designed for use with thick oil.



VPM brand batteries are also universal 510 threaded, so they’ll work with essentially any oil cartridge you have, including pre-filled oil cartridges.



Disposable vapes are not for everyone. They are single-use, and meant for those who are on-the-go and need an all-in-one device. No fuss. No muss. Whatever that means… but they are the ultimate in ease of use.


Pod Systems

A pod system includes a charger, rechargeable battery, and oil pod— all of which are replaceable. The pod can be removed and replaced from the battery as needed.


We’re here & listening

We want VPM customers to be happy with their choice in working with us. Forking over your dough is not something we take for granted, so if there’s ever anything we can do to make things perfect for you, please contact us.