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iKrusher Vapes and Empty iKrusher Cartridges

iiKrusher is among the world’s largest manufacturers of oil vaporizers and cartridges. In 2017, iKrusher was created to bring customers some of the most popular oil cartridges available on the market, such as the AC1003 and JC105. They have now made even more improvements to their products and have expanded their lines of products, including cartridges, pods, and batteries.


Why Choose iKrusher

iKrusher products are built through the vision of delivering exceptional innovation, unmatched authenticity, and total transparency. Their mission has led them to create exceptional engineering, including the iKONIC atomizing technology that allows you to enjoy unrivaled vapor taste. The iKONIC core ceramic atomizing technology burns your oils at lower temperatures with minimal burn taste. iKrusher take pride in providing their customers with the products they want and deserve, from the pre-design process of their products to the user experience. They offer several popular products, have released newer and improved devices, and they are sure to have more on the horizon.


A Variety of Options

VPM offers a variety of the top iKrusher products, which offers something for every type of person vaping, including oil cartridges, pod cartridges, and batteries. From the iKrusher AC 1003 oil cartridge, a classic oil cartridge that uses universal 510 threading and a refillable and removable mouthpiece, to the new Xen Vape, a pod-style pen designed created for premier and discreet oil use with revolutionary heating technology, you are sure to find something you’ll love.

The oil cartridges, which work in combination with vape pen batteries, are a versatile option that allows you to vape both indoors and outdoors without fear of bothering the people around you. Cartridges also make it easy to try a variety of flavors and are easy to fill, refill and maintain. Even better, they create a smoother, more potent experience from start to finish.

iKrusher also makes high-quality, efficient batteries to use with your oil cartridge or pod. At VPM, we carry the VFire Vape, Xen, and the S1, an adjustable, pen-style battery for 510-threaded oil cartridges.


High-Quality Customer Service

Of course, what good is a high-quality product if it isn’t backed by excellent customer service? Vape Parts Mart has served more than 130,000 customers to date, and we strive to provide a customized shopping experience for each one of you. Our professional team is always available to answer questions, provide recommendations or simply to talk shop. There’s a reason Vape Critic loves us so much. With updated stock and shipping as fast as us, what’s not to love?


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