iKrusher Noble Rechargeable Disposable Vape Pen Front View
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iKrusher Noble Rechargeable Disposable Vape Pen Top View Mouthpiece
iKrusher Noble Rechargeable Disposable Vape Pen Mouthpiece
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iKrusher Noble Rechargeable Disposable Vape Pen Angle View Mouthpiece
iKrusher Noble Rechargeable Disposable Vape Pen Front View


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iKrusher Noble Disposable

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For cannabis vape enthusiasts who find pleasure in more than one oil type, the Noble promises an experience where every draw is not just about cloud size but also the variety of flavors. The dual tank setup on the Noble disposable vape makes it the perfect choice for people who like to mix flavor profiles.

  • Micro-USB Rechargeable
  • 380mAh Battery
  • Dual Oil Capable
  • Easy to Fill
  • Inhale Activated
used for: oil

Introduction to iKrusher Noble

In the expansive world of vaping, where countless disposables vie for attention, the empty iKrusher Noble emerges not merely as another contender but as a distinguished leader. This device is a blend of innovation and user-centric design, beckoning those who seek an unparalleled dual-oil vaping experience.

Advantages of the Noble

The iKrusher Noble is a marvel of vape technology. Its dual 1.0g system ensures that users are treated to two flavor options. But it’s not just about variety. Each side of the Noble comes equipped with its own dedicated airflow system, ensuring every draw is seamless and flavorful. Prioritizing user safety, the Noble incorporates features like overtime inhaling protection and a low voltage safeguard. These features ensure that every draw isn’t just about pleasure but is also safe. And for those who dread the occasional clogging in their devices, Noble’s revolutionary anti-clogging technology promises a consistently smooth and pure vaping session.

Features of the Noble

At the heart of the iKrusher Noble lies the iKonic Ceramic Atomizer. This feature ensures that users experience the pinnacle of disposable oil vaping, with coils designed to handle high heat levels without any burning. The Noble’s design is a nod to modern simplicity. It’s inhale-activated, doing away with the need for any cumbersome buttons. Just draw on it, and it springs to life, ready to deliver. And for those who are always on the move, Noble’s 260mAh micro USB rechargeable battery ensures that the device is always powered up, ready for the next session.


Battery and Charging

While the iKrusher Noble’s 260mAh battery might seem modest at first glance, it’s a powerhouse in terms of performance. The frequency of charging required is influenced by various factors, including usage patterns, the duration of hits, and oil type. But with its micro USB rechargeability, the Noble ensures that users are never left with oil in a device that can’t be recharged.


Filling Instructions

The process of filling the iKrusher Noble disposable is straightforward and fuss-free. To fill the device, use either a syringe or a commercial filling machine. It’s essential to use only one of the two specified fill ports. Avoid filling both ports at the same time, as one needs to remain open to release air while filling. After introducing your chosen liquid into both tanks via their respective openings, it’s crucial to promptly reattach the mouthpiece within a span of 1.5 minutes. This swift action is essential to ensure that there’s no leakage, preserving the integrity of the device and the purity of the vaping experience.


Storage Recommendations

Once the Noble is filled and ready, a little ritual ensures the best experience. It’s recommended first to invert the device for about 30 minutes, allowing the oil to settle. Following this, turning the iKrusher Noble back to its original position for another half-hour ensures the oil’s optimal saturation. For best results, the Noble should find its resting place in a room temperature environment, ideally ranging between 68-77 degrees.



The iKrusher Noble isn’t a mere addition to the disposable vaping landscape; it’s a revolution. With its myriad of features, dual oil capabilities, safety protocols, and user-friendly design, it promises an experience that’s rich in flavor, convenience, and safety. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis vaper or someone just starting their vaping journey, the Noble stands as a beacon, inviting you to discover dual oil vaping as it was truly meant to be.

Product: iKrusher Noble Disposable

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  1. Labeeb

    Genius!! Me and my mates are having a blast trying different flavor combos with my new iKrusher Noble Disposable! Love the smooth pull!

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