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Wax Vapes

For the ultimate in concentrates, we know you need the best. When traditional oil vaporizers won’t do the trick, and dry herb vapes just aren’t your taste, look to wax vaping, the ultimate way to enjoy your choice of botanical extracts. We supply a wide variety of premium brands packed with the latest technology, and all the tools you need to keep the party going.

How They Work

Most modern vaporizers function in a similar way. A battery charges an atomizer, cooking your material through a convection or direct heat process. Bringing the materials to a boiling point results in a chemical reaction which vaporizes your material, allowing you to draw it in with a breath. A wax vape works the same, with one piece being key: the chamber coil. Each wax pen has up to three coils of wire wrapped around either a wick or solid core.  More coils means a quicker temperature increase, allowing for faster heating. A wicked core allows more viscous materials to be absorbed, allowing for longer, more sustained draws. Conversely, solid cored coils allow for cleaner, more powerful convection, giving you the quickest and strongest draw available, as well as more control over the intensity your vape can produce.

Our Inventory

We stock the best wax vaporizers on the market today, period. From simple single coil models that fit easily in a purse or pocket to stylish, dual quartz core designs that look just as good on your mantle as they do in your hand, our selection has exactly what you’re looking for. We specialize in bringing you the latest technology, like magnetic connections found in the Yocan Magneto, eliminating the hassle of threading found in conventional vape pens. Additionally, if wax vaping isn’t always an available option, look into our pens that can chamber oil and dry herb materials as well. And if the worst should happen and you need new batteries or coils, our stock of replacement parts has you covered.

If you’re looking for the best wax vape pen, look no further than Vape Parts Mart. With our selection, prices and delivery options, we guarantee you’re satisfied.