XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vape all colors with mouthpiece
XMax Riggo Dual Using Portable Vaporizer Green
XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vape all colors
XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vaporizer in hand
XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vaporizer whats in the box
XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vaporizer Top Chmber view
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XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vaporizer all parts
XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vaporizer
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XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vaporizer Green
XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vaporizer with adapter back
XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vape Back Blue
XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vape Back Green
XMAX RIGGO Dual Using Portable Vape all colors with mouthpiece


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XMax Riggo Dual Use Vaporizer


It’s time to sesh like Sherlock! We mean it, Holmes! Watson it for you? Well, it doesn’t take a detective to see that this is the perfect way to consume your dabs on the go. In other words… Rig go where you go—haha! Or if you are trying to solve the case from home… you can use it as an e-nail on your favorite rig! The Riggo is a 2-in-1 concentrate vaporizer that can be used as a “sherlock” style pipe OR as an e-nail with your existing rig. Features include:

  • Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Ceramic chamber with quartz glass heating element
  • 100% isolated air path with both e-Nail and Pipe
  • Two modes: On-demand and Session mode
  • Adjustable temp control: 500°F, 554°F, 608°F, 662°F, 716°F

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XMax Riggo Dual Use Portable Vaporizer

The XMax Riggo is one of the most unique vaporizers in the market allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds! This device is perfect for those who use an e-Nail for their bongs but also enjoy the portability of a pipe vaporizer. On those days you realize you need to head out… just after loading your e-nail can be quite frustrating. Well with XMax Riggo you can just slip it into its pipe silicone and continue enjoying it on the go!


What’s in the box

  • XMax Riggo
  • Heating atomizer
  • 14mm glass adapter
  • Glass cap
  • Silicone pipe
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • 2 O-ring
  • 3 Pipe cleaners
  • 3 Cotton swabs
  • 1 Packing tool
  • 1 USB-C Cable
  • XMax Riggo user manual


XMax Riggo e-Nail

The XMax Riggo comes with a glass adapter that is designed to fit your standard 14mm joint rig. To use your XMax Riggo as an e-Nail just remove the pipe silicone to attach the 14mm glass adapter and it’s ready to be installed to your favorite bong!

The Riggo is well balanced so you will have no issues with your e-Nail from falling off your rig. The Quartz Coil has a center stone that absorbs and vaporizes your desired concentrates. This means having your rig joint at an angle won’t cause leakage and waste your precious concentrate.


XMax Riggo Pipe

To use your vaporizer as a pipe, attach the pipe silicone and the glass mouthpiece, and enjoy! It’s designed to fit comfortably in your palm with the glass cap protecting you from the burning atomizer. The XMax Riggo is perfect to just throw into your bag or pocket even after loading your dab! Start off using your Riggo as an e-Nail and transform it into a pipe to pass around at gatherings.


How to use your XMax Riggo

Make sure to fully charge before using your XMax Riggo. The LED light will indicate the battery lavel of your device. Red = 10%-40%, White = 40%-70%, Green = 70%-100%. The light will flash while charging and the green light will be on solid once your it’s fully charged. To turn it on, rapidly click the button five times and the light will flash three times.

The XMax Riggo has five different temperature settings: White = 500°F, Green = 554°F, Blue = 608°F, Purple = 662°F, Red = 716°F. To switch between the temperatures, rapidly click the button three times and it will illuminate in the corresponding temperature color. If you are not a fan of the LED lights, turn on stealth mode by clicking the button four times.

Your XMax Riggo has an integrated “Precise Temperature Control” technology, which allows you to load and rip as hard as you want while keeping the temperature and flavor consistent.


Two modes and twice the fun

The XMax Riggo has two modes for you to enjoy; Session Mode and On-demand Mode!

To use your XMax Riggo in session mode, rapidly click the button twice and your device will start pre-heating. Once your device is ready the lights will glow in the the corresponding temperature. The session time is 15 seconds long and can be extended for another 15 seconds by clicking the button twice.

To use in on-demand mode just hold the button to inhale and enjoy! Please note that your device will shut down automatically if not being used for five minutes.

Product: XMax Riggo Dual Use Vaporizer

The parts that fit. Not the parts that quit.
Clouds out of your mouth not your ears
Processed within 24 hours. Shippity-doo-dah!
That’s just good manners.
Mind your business nosey neighbors.
Because why shouldn’t we?

2 reviews for XMax Riggo Dual Use Vaporizer

  1. Sawyer

    Best wax vape ever! The clouds with this XMax Riggo are insane even with small amounts of dabs! Thanks VPM

  2. Natalie (verified owner)

    I am a medical mj patient & a daily dabber. The Riggo produces THE LARGEST CLOUDS while still being the smooth on the lungs, even in the handheld mode (my favorite)! It wastes zero product, I save $ on dabs! Highly recommend this product to anyone from beginners to long time dabbers. It’s easy to use, highly cost-effective & the taste/terps of the vapor clouds it creates cannot be matched! Best thing on the market! This device deserves awards!

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