From the founders of popular brand PCKT, PRTBL is the latest cannabis device brand bringing to market a variety of premium yet affordable products such as cartridges, batteries, pipes, & grinders.

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PRTBL Brand Overview


PRTBL is one of the coolest brands currently on the market. Their products are solid quality and attractive. They produce vaporizers like the PRTBL Nando, cannabis pipes like the PRTBL Ember, and other cannabis smoking items such as the FLO cartridge and the GRYND. No matter how you prefer to toke, PRTBL has a solution for you.

PRTBL emerged from the founder’s drive to introduce pioneering cannabis hardware. Their roots are in San Jose, California, where they have been cultivating their expertise in the cannabis industry for over 15 years. To thrive, they recognized the need to take a comprehensive view of the entire process, from product development to logistics, packaging, and the end-user experience. They dedicated countless hours to research and development to produce superior products that incorporate necessary innovation while preserving what already works. PRTBL crafted all their products with the consumer in mind, receiving feedback directly from everyday users rather than relying on corporate overlords who decide what’s best. PRTBL aims to deliver state-of-the-art technology in a modern, attractive design.


Why was PRTBL founded?

The founder of PRTBL wanted to create the company because of his love for designing and making cannabis adjacent products. Before starting PRTBL, he had about fifteen years of experience manufacturing and selling these types of products. That experience included supply chain relationships and manufacturing partners. Because of these relationships, PRTBL is able to produce a superior quality product while keeping costs reasonably low.


How was PRTBL founded?

The person who started PRTBL was disappointed with the quality of the level of hardware available on the market. After years of consuming flower and oil, the founder was a bit of an expert. While still in college in the early 2000s, he started creating homemade vaporizers as a hobby. After graduating college, he went on to work professionally for a variety of vaporizer companies. Through the relationships built while working for these companies, the PRTBL founder met many of the prominent players in the vaporizer industry. The culmination of this led to the brand we know today as PRTBL.


What Makes PRTBL Different?

Unlike many other brands, PRTBL designs and engineers each and every part of the products they sell. They also own their own manufacturing facilities. Some brands on the market aren’t manufacturers at all but instead just sell existing products from China with their logo. PRTBL guarantees their build quality, stating that this is because their engineering team is 100% based in the US. All of these factors together help attribute to the desirability of PRTBL products. You can buy PRTBL vapes online at VPM.com.


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