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XVape Vapes

Vape Parts Mart is an authorized retailer for the most popular XVape vapes. We also carry genuine replacement components, accessories, and attachments.

Wax Vapes

Order the V-One Wax Vape Pen in a complete kit. This genuine vaporizer delivers even heating and exceptional flavor with no exposed coils or wicks. We also sell the new and improved XVape V One Glass Mouthpiece Replacement. The Pyrex mouthpiece is compatible with V-One and V-One 2.0 vaporizers. For increased durability, upgrade to the stainless steel V-One 2.0 Metal Mouthpiece.

The XVape Cricket Wax Vape Pen relies on a single-rod quartz heating coil. Extend the longevity of this model with replacement wax coils.

Herbal Vapes

For a compact dry herb design, consider the XMax Starry Herbal Vaporizer. Air circulates around a food-grade ceramic chamber to provide even heating. This updated model also features a retractable mouthpiece and adjustable OLED digital temperature reader.

Dual Use Vaporizers

The XVape Fog Vaporizers is one of the most popular models. The Fog relies on a hybrid convection and conduction heating system with five temperature settings. Order a set of XVape Fog Screens & Silicone with filters and a silicone stopper.


We carry two styles of XVape Glass Water Bubblers. One is compatible with the Fog dual use or Starry herbal vaporizer, and the other is designed for use with the V-One and V-One 2.0. Customers can also order Glass Water Tip adapters for use with these accessories.

XVape Vape Parts

Wax vape owners can stock up on replacement atomizers, O-rings, and batteries. We also sell heating chambers and concentrate pads or pucks for dry herb vapes.

Vape Parts Mart carries genuine XMax products and has a large selection of XVape vape parts for sale. Find the brand’s vaporizer models, accessories, and attachments at low, factory-direct prices.

XVape is the parent brand behind the popular line of XMax products. They also make the XVape Fog which has really become popular in the last few weeks.


XVape XMax Vaporizers

X Vape (aka X Max) has consistently brought us some of the top portable vaporizers for wax such ast the V-one. Recently they have launched other innovative herbal vapes including the Xmax Starry, V2, Vital.

Everyone wants their vaping experience to be a pleasant one. XMax Vaporizers are just the right tool to achieve that optimal puff each time. Both new and long-time customers have found the appropriate and portable XVape XMax vape for their preferences. Look for your next vape and feel the difference between an XMax Vape and a regular vape.

High Technology Delivery

Each XMax vape comes with a multitude of helpful features that make vaping easier. For starters, their small size means you can take them in your pocket everywhere you go. However, their small size does not mean a shorter battery life. Their removable batteries hold a long charge. Certain products like the XMax Vital Vaporizer have a USB charging option which makes it convenient for anyone with a cellphone or portable charger. The XMax Vital Vape also comes with a clear OLED display that makes reading temperature and settings simpler.

XMax vapes are known for their quick heating technology. This eliminates long waits before each puff. Most products come with narrow conducting chambers that allow for faster and even heating. Products like the XMax Starry Vaporizer come with ceramic mouthpieces that conduct this quick heating. Their easy to clean material is also convenient for the novice vape fan. Many XMax vapes are made for dry herbs but a variety of vapes cater to liquid and concentrates.

Quality Customer Care

Each of these vapes comes with the care and attention of the Vape Parts Mart team. Our customer representatives work to supply you with great vape parts that fit your budget. We value honesty and transparency when it comes to answering your questions. Trust that a human touch is there to help you whenever you need help with returns, parts or general concerns. Vape Part Marts is continuously striving to adapt to your needs and you can rest assured the you are not lead astray whenever you reach out to us. Let our expertise in the industry help you pick out your next vape.