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Xvape Roffu All Colors primary


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XVape Xlux Roffu Dry Herb Vaporizer


Check out the Xlux Roffu from XVape. This is an excellent vaporizer for flower. The Roffu has a user-replaceable battery and provides true convection vaporization. Its performance is impressive, and the price makes it a fierce competitor in the dry herb vaporizer arena. It stands up quite well compared to some of the most prominent names in the industry, such as PAX.

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XVape Xlux Roffu Dry Herb Vaporizer

VPM is proud to carry the XLux Roffu by XVape. This is the latest iteration of flower vaporizers that XVape has created. This portable vape is feature rich and offers excellent performance at a competitive price. Read on to learn all of the details of the XLux Roffu.

True Convection Vaporizer

The XLux Roffu is a true convection vaporizer. It works by heating the air to a high enough temperature to release the cannabinoids as a vapor into the air. This means that the heating coil won’t physically touch your ground flower. There will be no burning or smoke, only pure vapor. 

XVape Xlux Roffu Flavor Profile 

One of the main benefits of the Roffu is how pure of a flavor it produces. Because it has a wide range of possible temperature settings, you can dial in the taste. You should experiment with a lower temperature range for a lighter hit and flavor profile. A higher temperature may be best if you prefer a more toasted flavor and deeper hit. 

What Product Materials make up the Roffu

The Xlux Roffu is targeted at being a premium flower vape and therefore is made with premium materials. On this unit, you will find a gorgeous anodized aluminum-milled body. It feels great in your hand and oozes quality. The mouthpiece is a low-heat conducting Zirconia material, and the mouthpiece housing is made from Aluminum. The heating chamber is made of Quartz to help ensure a clean puff every time. The display on the Roffu is a quality OLED screen. This is the same technology commonly found on top-line smartphones and televisions. 

The XVape Xlux Roffu has a Removable Battery

By far, one of the most praised features of the Roffu is the user-replaceable battery. It takes a 18650 battery which is widely available and relatively inexpensive. Only time will tell, but this feature alone should make the Roffu one of the longest-lasting herbal vapes on the market. Another advantage to having a removable battery is that you don’t have to wait for the unit to recharge before using it again. You can easily purchase a spare battery and charger, so you are always ready to go. 

Charges with USB C

XVape includes a USB-C cable with the kit but not a charging block. Luckily the Roffu can be charged with any standard USB-C charging cable. You can plug the included cable into any USB-A device, port, or charging block to power and charge the battery on the Roffu.

Accessories Included

As if the Xlux Roffu wasn’t already providing an incredible enough value, they even include a few great accessories in the kit. With each Roffu vape kit, you will receive three cotton cleaning swabs. They also have a convenient filter and two screen replacements. XVape went even further and a cleaning kit with alcohol swabs and a cleaning brush. You will also find a couple of replacement O-rings. The heating chamber on the Roffu has a 1.09ML capacity heating chamber. This will allow for approximately 0.2 to 0.3 grams of flower to be placed in the chamber. You can find additional parts and accessories for sale in our official XLux Roffu Parts and Accessories category.

Quick Heat Function

Another cool feature of the Roffu is the dual-mode capability. XVape labels those modes as on-demand and session. The on-demand mode is intended for taking just one or two hits. This is possible because the Roffu has the ability to heat up and cool down rapidly. Session mode is designed for more hits. In session mode, you can choose to heat for either three or six minutes.


What’s Included in the Box


The Roffu Lite Kit includes the following items:

1 – Roffu Device
2 – Screens
2 – Wipes
2 – O-Ring
1 – Charging Cable
1 – Brush
3 – Q-Tips

XVape XLux Roffu Summary

After considering many factors, the Roffo is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a quality convection vaporizer fully loaded with features and doesn’t break the bank. The XLux provides Roffu is one of the best value ratings for vaping flower. 



Product: XVape Xlux Roffu Dry Herb Vaporizer

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