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Oil Cart Batteries

VPM is proud to offer the best selection of high-quality 510 cartridge vape batteries from the top brands across the industry. Using a vape cart is one of the easiest ways to medicate, and a good oil cartridge battery will help take discretion and convenience to the next level.

All of our batteries in this category work with any of our empty 510 vape cartridges, including any carts you may have purchased pre-filled elsewhere. 


The future of cart batteries

One of the latest and most popular additions to the VPM lineup of cart batteries is the CCell Fino. The Fino has managed to takes style, performance, and dependability to the next level, rising to the top of the cart battery offerings.  

drop in style vape battery CCell Fino

The Fino offers variable voltage temperature control, a charging dock, and a nifty leather case. It’s so fancy that our team refers to it as the Fino-Grigio of 510 batteries!


A trending category in cartridge batteries are ultra-discreet, incognito  batteries that completely conceal and hide your cartridge.

discreet weed cart battery that looks like a vape

The Yocan Ziva, for example, is a weed cart battery that looks like a normal vape… but looks can be deceiving!


What does “510 Battery” mean?

All cannabis oil cartridges use a threading known in the industry as “510 threading”. So to say “510 battery” simply means a battery for cannabis oil cartridges. 510 is used just to denote compatibility between battery and cartridge. All oil cartridge batteries sold at are 510 threaded, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility with your cart—whether you bought your cart from us or anywhere else!


What’s a variable voltage battery?

If you’ve ever had a clog in your cartridge, you know how annoying it can be to clear the clog. Oftentimes, a vape battery with variable voltage is a good solution to clogs as it provides more control over the vaping experience. A variable voltage battery or a battery with a button can assist in clearing clogs because you can adjust the temperature at which your cartridge burns. Generally, a lower voltage will provide small clouds and more flavor while a higher voltage will provide large clouds but help in clearing any clogging.


Inhale Activated vs Button Activated batteries

An auto-draw, or inhale activated battery is just that… inhale and vapor will be produced. Inhale activated batteries are sometimes preferred by folks who don’t want to have to locate the button on a battery or just want a simple vaping experience. Button activated batteries do provide more control because they allow you to pre-heat the cartridge by holding the button down before inhaling, which can also help to clear your cart of clogs and provide a more custom experience based on your vaping preference. Which option is better? It really depends on the individual. Some batteries, like the PCKT Two are actually BOTH inhale and button activated, which can be chosen based on the selected setting.


Pen-style Batteries vs Drop-in Style Cart Batteries

Pen-style batteries are the traditional style of cartridge battery you’ve seen around since cannabis oil vapes hit the market in the early 2010s.

man using pen style vape battery

Pen-style batteries are slim and long, kind of resembling… you guessed it, a pen.


Drop-in style batteries, or “palm style” batteries are different in form factor from pen-style in that they are generally more of a boxy shape and the cartridge “drops” into the battery. This provides an element of discretion and also helps protect your cartridge.

woman using drop in style cartridge battery

In the modern vape industry, this is the style most consumers prefer. The are short, thin, and feel great in the hand or pocket.


What’s the best drop-in style cart battery? There’s a lot to choose from so it’s tough to choose one, but we’d give the nod to either the CCell Palm Pro or PCKT Two due to a combo of affordability and amazing features.


Wholesale Vape Pen Batteries

Need cannabis vape pen batteries and cartridge batteries in bulk quantities? VPM offers wholesale oil vape batteries to verifiable businesses including dispensaries, oil brands, and cannabis brands. Our wholesale cannabis vapes are manufactured to the most rigorous of quality standards and will prove to be an asset to any bulk buyers’ battery needs.


VPM is here to help

VPM specializes in customer service and we happen to sell vape hardware as a side-hustle. If you ever want to get in touch, just reach out to us via our contact form.

So, whatever battery you’re looking for, VPM is dedicated to helping you find it—happiness guaranteed!