Our collection of the industry's best pen-style vape batteries for oil cartridges.

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Pen-style Vape Pen Batteries for Oil Cartridges


From simplistic to luxurious, there is a perfect pen style battery for every vape user.


Choosing the Pen Style Vape For You:


If it is easy use you are looking for, our inhale activated batteries are as straightforward as it gets. 

The only efforts required are a charge on the battery and your lungs. 

Attach your cartridge to your battery and take a deep breath in to quickly get the lift you’re after.

The CCELL M3 Battery and The Jupiter Liquid 6 Battery are our most popular stick style batteries with inhale activation.

Perhaps you are the kind of person who prefers style to simplicity. VPM has a variety of elegant pen style batteries that exude luxury, designed with people like you in mind. 

You will find character and class in the Vessel Flagship Series. Their unique design comes in many color options and even has its own sophisticated carrying case available for purchase. 

PCKT Vapor recently released their own version of a stick style battery, the VRTCL. It offers the same great features of their larger model with great color options and a slim design, making it another fantastic choice.

Both the Flagship and the VRTCL have variable voltage settings. This means you can control how heavy your hit is and how long your cartridge lasts. 

We haven’t forgotten about those of you who want it all. If you want a variable voltage battery that is also cost effective, The Vessel Core Battery, The CCELL M3B Battery, and The iKrusher S1 Battery all allow you to choose the heat setting that is right for you at a great price.