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CCell M3b Pro Battery primary photo


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CCell M3b Battery


Vape with more control than ever with the CCell M3b battery, CCell’s first variable voltage 510 thread oil cartridge battery! 

  • 5 Click On/Off Safety feature
  • 350mAh
  • Button Activated
  • 3 Click Voltage Change
    • Low = Blue (2.8v)
    • Medium = Yellow (3.2v)
    • High = Green (3.6v)
  • Charger included
used for: oil

CCell M3b Variable Voltage Battery

One of the best vape pen slim batteries in the industry just got even better! Now introducing the Authentic CCell M3b battery: a vape pen battery which has all the quality of the CCell M3, and puts you in control of your vaping experience. Whether it is your first battery, or your most recent, the M3b is not a battery you will not want to go without. 

Features of the CCell M3b:

  • 3 Click Voltage Change
    • Low= Blue (2.8V: 392°~ 410° F [200~210℃])
    • Medium = Yellow (3.2V: 410° ~ 428° F [210~220℃])
    • High = Green (3.6V: 428°~ 446° F [220~230℃])
  • Child-Resistant Lock, 5 Click On/Off Safety feature
  • Button Activated
  • Battery Capacity: 350 mAh
  • Dimensions 10.5 x 90 mm
  • Sleek Stainless-Steel Housing
  • 510 Thread 
  • USB Rechargeable

According to the manufacturer, CCell batteries are capable to provide 25% more vapor production compared to other brands. This means you can count on satisfaction when using CCell. Fortunately, the M3b works with almost any 510-Threaded cartridges, but are best used with CCell Cartridges. Since you are able to use many different cartridges, you have the ability to truly customize and adjust your vaping session. When you order an M3b battery with us, you will also receive an M3 charger with our purchase. For more information about CCell, feel free to visit their website M3b battery page. 

Ultimately, the M3b has all of the quality of the CCell M3 battery and other oil cartridge batteries, but raises the bar with its ability to change heat settings while providing best flavor and potency. It also features 3 heat settings, a child-resistant lock, and sleek stainless-steel housing. The CCell M3b is designed for you to take your slim pen vaping with CCell to the next level. 

How to use the M3b:

First, screw in your 510-threaded cartridge to the top of the battery. Then, turn on your battery with 5 rapid clicks of the M3b. Once the battery is on, you will be able to adjust the temperature settings on the M3b with just 3 gentle clicks of the button. To use, inhale while pressing the button down on the battery. Once you are finished, you can keep your vape pen secure by locking the device and avoiding unintentional activation. Finally, your vape pen is now child-resistant with just 5 quick clicks. For optimal performance, we recommend CCell’s newest oil cartridge, the CCell EVO Cartridge

Charging the CCell M3b Battery:

A green flashing light will indicate the battery is charging. A solid green light (no longer flashing) means the battery has reached a full charge.



Product: CCell M3b Battery

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10 reviews for CCell M3b Battery

  1. LilyR

    I love all CCell vapes and the CCell M3b Battery is my go to vape that’s always in my nightstand, I wish there were more colors

  2. Thomas (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS BATTERY. It is great, i love the small size. Blue is low and gives lots of flavor. Medium is yellow and gives a balance of flavor and smoke. Green, which I keep it on is my favorite because it produces the most vapor and causes me to get effects quicker. Overall great product and keep up the great work VPM!

  3. Ash (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for and more, the voltage customization is a great addition! It even got here a day early which was super cool. Just wish it came with a manual, had to look up a youtube video to learn the button presses. Not sure if that was the fault of VPM or CCell but that’s a minor gripe.

  4. Artruo (verified owner)

    After looking up videos and reviews of all sort of battery I’ve decided on this one and honestly its 10/10, it feel nice and the hits I get from it are pretty potent and taste nice too. Also customer service her is good got my reply in less than 1 hr and was very helpful.

  5. Chris Whalley (verified owner)

    This battery is amazing with the prefilled carts that are made for Ccell or Jupiter. Blue setting is tasty with a discreet cloud, yellow is a more robust flavor with that deep chest feeling that lets you know you took a good hit. Green is strong. Clouds and cough without that scary “did I just burn my oil?” taste. I freaking love this battery! Buy one now and you will not regret it!

  6. Schmitz (verified owner)

    This is my first vape pen. I got the M6T carts to go with it. This was my first time filling my own carts. Using distillate. It was easy to figure out. Only thing I couldn’t figure out is how to turn it on. I didn’t get any instructions. Alec in support was quick in helping me. You have to press the the button five times in a row to turn it on the first time. Also I didn’t know there were different wattage settings till I came here to leave this review. I guess it’s been on low (blue) but it works great, I’ll leave it there. Instructions would have been nice. Excellent product.

  7. Hope (verified owner)

    Used to have the palm but bought this to try it out and I’m obsessed.
    Gives you a nice consistent pull since it’s not inhale triggered.
    Only criticisms I have: charger is unique attachment so if you lose it you’re SOL. And button is very hard to find in the dark since there’s barely a touch difference from the rest of the pen.
    Still highly recommend!

  8. Brandon Brown (verified owner)

    Love this battery! This battery is much better than the ccell m3. Being able the select the wattage for your oil is very important. I just wish this battery had more color options like the m3’s. The m3’s did burn oil too much but I did like the multiple different color selections. Overall I love this product and won’t be going back to the standard m3’s. Ccell please add more color/options! Thank you haha 🙂

  9. ewaday (verified owner)

    Really like the CCell projects and own the Silo and Palm. While I love the Silo and Palm, sometimes they’re too powerful. So, decided to try this variable voltage M3b. Ordered it here from VPM, and it was great until I had to charge it–it wouldn’t charge. I contacted VPM, and they promptly sent me out a replacement. Great customer service! I’m happy to report that the new battery is charging just fine.

  10. Yeabuddy718 (verified owner)

    Just got my hands on this new release from ccell. I knew that the auto pull version was too aggressive and burns the oil. 3 mode is just an industry standard now, you smoke different oils and thickness and need a pen that adjusts. Phenomenal product and price from VPM. Only vendor who has it for sale.

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