We are not Kidding
We are Serious about
who we sell to
That's why we use the best
in age verification software
We Trust BlueCheck.me
BlueCheck.me is designed for businesses like ours, to help us remain viable online as age regulations intensify. We want to make the age verification process as seamless and secure for our customers as possible. In fact, over 95% of VPM orders are verified instantly using order information you’ve already entered at checkout. Your name, address, and date of birth are cross-referenced against extensive U.S. databases of public records, confirming you are who you say you are. Thank you for helping us promote social responsibility in our industry by preventing underage sales.
How it works
  • 1
    Customer Information Submitted

    Customers will submit personal information to BlueCheck to perform the verification. Generally this info is gathered through a checkout or sign up form eliminating the need for your users to re-key information. This feature makes easier and faster for your customers to verify and checkout, while providing a better customer experience and promoting customer loyalty.

  • 2
    Automatic Verification

    Customer data is compared against billions of proprietary and commercial database records. This process is instantaneous, low-profile, and capable of verifying the large majority of your client base. If no match is found, customers are prompted to complete another method of verification.

  • 3
    Other Verification Methods

    If unable to verify using submitted information customers are presented with alternative ways to verify their age depending on the merchant’s business needs. Some alternatives include using the last 4 digits of Social Security Number or uploading a Photo ID.

  • 4
    Customer is Verified

    Once verified, the customer’s confirmed age is checked against the age requirements specified by the site. Returning customers are automatically recognized as verified on return and will not need to verify again. This means future visits to your store are frictionless and provide superb customer experience!

Trust in your gut
And in vpm.com
Why do we need
Your age?
Because Vapes aren't for kids.
To keep vaporizers available to adults online, we want to join the efforts to combat underage use. Statistics from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) show dramatic increases in underage vaping, and the entire country is taking extreme measures to reverse the spike. By providing us with your age, you are helping us help our industry and its online presence. Vaporizers are a valuable alternative for adult smokers, but let’s be real—they aren’t for kids!
Why Would you
need my ID?
Less than 10% of our customers are subject to an I.D. upload. It’s only a last resort if we’re unable to authenticate your information instantly through our data partners. Just like you need to show I.D. in store, websites need a way to do the same—and BlueCheck.me helps bridge that compliance gap for us. The software automatically deletes I.D.s after verification and, if you have to upload an I.D. once, you will never have to again because it will recognize that you’ve been previously verified and let you right through.
The BlueCheck team is standing by to assist VPM customers. If you are having issues uploading an I.D. through the age verification pop-up at checkout, you can email it as an attachment to [email protected] and they will manually verify your order immediately. BlueCheck phone support is also available around the clock at 1-888-123-1234.