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CCell M3 Plus Battery


The M3 Plus is the latest pen-style cartridge battery from CCell. Like the original M3 battery, the M3 Plus stays true to its roots of simple inhale-activation while adding the benefit of variable voltage settings like the M3b Battery. In short, the M3 Plus combines the features of buttonless inhale-activation + voltage (temperature) settings into one battery. Sounds like a win-win / plus-plus to us!

Key features include:

  • Dual voltage modes (slide switch at base of battery left and right to change temp)
  • Low Voltage = 2.8v / High Voltage = 3.3v
  • Simply inhale from the cartridge to produce vapor (no buttons)
  • Compatible with all oil cartridges
  • LED light indicator illuminates when cartridge is heating during inhalation
  • Powerful 350mAh battery capacity
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Modern USB-C Rechargeable (charger included with purchase)
used for: oil

CCell M3 Plus Battery


CCell M3 Plus Introduction

CCell set out to improve and simplify its M3 line of oil vape pens with the introduction of the CCell M3 Plus battery. The first version (M3) is a basic pen that works with 510 thread cartridges and comes in a variety of colors. It is buttonless, inhale-activated, and provides 3.7 volts. As a follow-up to the M3, CCell launched the M3B. The M3B provides a variable voltage (2.8V, 3.2V, 3.6V) function and is controlled with a button. Adding the variable voltage provided a few added features while maintaining nearly the same slim-line form factor. Now we have come to the third iteration of the M3, the M3 Plus. The CCell M3 Plus maximizes the best features of its two predecessors. In short, it provides variable voltage and is inhale-activated. Check out a detailed review of the features below.

Modern Buttonless Design of the CCell M3 Plus

The design and styling of the CCell M3 Plus really stand out. You will not find a button on the M3 Plus, unlike its ancestor, the M3B. To send power to the cartridge, all you do is breathe in gently, and the battery will do the rest. Stamped into the top of each authentic M3 Plus battery for sale, you will see CCELL and a 5-digit alphanumeric code. The bottom of each vape pen has an LED light, and you will find the charging port as well as the variable voltage control switch.

M3 Plus Variable Voltage Options

There are two voltage options on the CCell M3 Plus. Two voltage options put this right in the middle of the M3 and M3B, offering one and three voltage options, respectively. Based on the most recent product launches at CCell, including the Rizo, it appears that CCell is opting for dual voltage moving forward. Corporate CCell suggests that the lower voltage option is designed to provide a better flavor while the high voltage option will provide a more potent (read: larger) hit. From a technical standpoint, the two voltages are 2.8v for the low setting and 3.3v for the high setting. You can easily control the voltage with the flick of a switch. Located on the bottom of the M3 Plus battery, right next to the charging port, you will find a sliding switch marked with an H for high and an L for low.

USB C Charging and Battery Capacity

One nice upgrade that comes with the new CCell M3 Plus is the USB C charging compatibility. Simply use the included USB-C charging cable with any USB power source to charge. You can also use non-CCell branded charging cables; for instance, if you wanted a longer cable, you could use an aftermarket version. The CCell M3 Plus battery capacity is rated at 350mAH, which is identical to both the M3 and M3B. You can expect similar charging and usage times. Charging time depending on your power source will approximately take 60min. The LED light will remain on while charging and once fully charged it will blink 20 times and fade. The number of hits you can take per charge will vary depending on your voltage setting, length of draw, and oil thickness.

CCell M3 Plus Dimensions and Materials

One surprising thing about the M3 Plus is that it is the tallest of all three vape family members. It is also thicker than both the M3 and M3B. This change could be to give it that more cutting-edge modern design paired with a CCell TH2 EVO or Zico cartridge. It will also help to accommodate thicker non-CCell carts by providing a more stable base. Officially the CCell M3 Plus dimensions are 12mm wide by 86.4mm tall. That translates to about 0.47” wide by 3.40” tall. The M3 Plus comes standard with an aluminum casing and is available in five finishes.

Inhale Activated

The most noticeable difference between the CCell M3 Plus and the M3B is that the M3 Plus is inhale-activated. There are no buttons to press on this slim-line little device. Just puff and go—no need to fiddle with hitting the button just right. There is one disadvantage with all inhale-activated oil pens. You can’t use an inhale-activated oil vape pen with top airflow cartridges, but luckily the industry seems to be trending toward bottom airflow. When in doubt, rest assured that all authentic CCell cartridges are compatible with the M3 Plus battery.

CCell M3 Plus Conclusion

After giving the CCell M3 Plus a thorough review, we can say that it will prove to be one of the most popular pen-style oil vapes out there. It has nearly everything that you could want in a portable oil vape pen. The two voltage options allow the user to customize their experience without having to use an inconvenient button. The inhale activation feature on the M3 Plus will help to ensure that you can use it discreetly and conveniently. Available in five attractive color finishes, check out the CCell M3 Plus for sale at

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3 reviews for CCell M3 Plus Battery

  1. Ricky L

    I was using disposable on the black market cause i was too lazy… Never again !

    This is serious boooooomb yall ! I love the size of it, the weight, the nice ceramic tip on the Ccell Th2 cart i bought too, work like a freaking charm .. at 2.7v or 3.3v it’s perfect all the time ! No more cough …whit a big hit in a disposable i cough like hell and on some 2-3 second puff too … but whit the Ccell M3 plus … nothing ! This is just peeeeeeeerfect i love it !

  2. Max W.

    Impressive. Had few of these and they are great. Build quality is top notch. Long lasting battery. Perfect size and weight. Stealthy indicator light that is easy to cover. Button-free operation is magic. Colours and painted labels are fresh and crisp. Convenient USB-C charging. Two temperature settings are very useful: rarely use high setting because it does produce stronger hits. Love it!

  3. Robin (verified owner)

    I LOVE this battery! It is perfect in every way – the right size, beautiful colors! And the pull is perfect and powerful – and a High and Low switch, too! Then, the price – it seems like it should cost much more for what you get. I just ordered another one to keep a Sativa cart on. I highly recommend this battery.

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