PCKT VRTCL Battery all colors with cartridges inside
PCKT VRTCL lifestyle photo in use
PCKT VRTCL battery all colors
PCKT VRTLC verticle vape pen batteries all colors
PCKT VRTCL vape pen battery size reference
PCKT VRTCL Pacific Blue with triangle packaging
PCKT Rustic Battery with packaging
PCKT VRTCL packaging open view
PCKT VRTCL close up view
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PCKT VRTCL Battery pacific blue
PCKT VRTCL Battery Rustic
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PCKT VRTCL Lifestyle photo in hand
PCKT VRTCL Battery all colors with cartridges inside


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The PCKT VRTCL battery is the latest addition to the PCKT lineup and boasts some impressive features to set it apart from the average pen-style oil cartridge battery. The VRTCL is machined from a solid block of aluminum, features 5 power settings, and is compatible with all oil cartridges.

  • Adjustable Voltage settings (2.4v, 2.7v, 3.1v, 3.5v, 3.8v)
  • Powerful 380 mAh battery for all day power
  • Screw in cartridge attachment (no magnetic adapter needed)
  • “Drop in” design protects your cartridge
  • Button Activation
  • 5 stunning color options with premium finishes
  • 1 year warranty
used for: oil

PCKT VRTCL Oil Cartridge Battery

The PCKT VRTCL is the newest iteration in the PCKT vapor lineup of vape pen batteries. Much like the PCKT Two, the VRTCL is versatile, reliable, and extremely sleek, just to name a few of its great features. The VRTCL has a drop-in style chamber that fits virtually any 510-thread oil cartridge. This beautifully designed battery has five different voltage settings, so you can always get the perfect hit.

VRTCL Specifications

  • Fits most top and bottom airflow 510 Cartridges
  • Five power modes
  • Conceals cartridges within the drop-in chamber design
  • One-year limited warranty (see info below)
  • USB-C Charging
  • LED Indicator lights show power modes and battery level
  • Pass through technology allowing you to use the device while charging
  • High-capacity 380mAh battery

Power Modes:

Five clicks turn the battery on and off, indicated by three blinks on the button.

Press and hold the button on the device, and it will fire up to 30 seconds.

Two clicks will enable the device to go into power mode settings; press once to cycle through each power mode.

Blue = 2.4v |  Purple=2.7v | Orange=3.1v | Red=3.5v | Pink=3.8v

Press and hold to confirm power mode.



Red Indicator Light

The dreaded red blinking light could be caused by several things, typically cartridge related. Please ensure the cartridge is properly secured into the base.


Hold the device upside down when cleaning to prevent liquid pooling in the device. Use a Q-tip damp with rubbing alcohol to clean inside the chamber/base.

Let the device sit upside down until completely dry.

Product: PCKT VRTCL Battery

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2 reviews for PCKT VRTCL Battery

  1. Ivan

    The PCKT VRTCL Battery is honestly such a great device. Been using mine for 2 years and yet to run into any issues. I wish there was a buttonless version too

  2. Patrick

    I have tried many 510 batteries, many. This one I must say is currently my favorite. The reason for this being is a few reasons, this device will fire for a full 30 seconds and I love it. Its the only device I know of that can fire anywhere near that long. Most have a 7, 10, or 15s time out. Has 5 voltage settings, 2.43v, 2.73v, 3.09v, 3.54v, 3.84v. Charges via USB-C. Machined from 6061 billet aluminum. Fits all 510 cartridges. Has a non-magnetic connection! I hate magnetic connections, screw in only please. Lastly, manual fire. None of that auto draw crap. Well done PCKT! I like my VRTCL better than my PCKT TWO!

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