PRTBL Nando Battery Maui and Paradox Mouthpiece
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PRTBL Nnado cart battery lifestyle photo gitl hold in hand
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PRTBL Nnado cart battery lifestyle photo in hand
PRTBL Nando Battery Paradox Angle
PRTBL Nando Battery Maui Charging Cable with Light
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PRTBL Nando Battery Maui Primary
PRTBL Nando Battery Paradox Primary
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PRTBL Nando Battery Maui and Paradox Mouthpiece


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PRTBL Nando Battery


Brought to you from the founders of PCKT, we’re proud to introduce the Nando oil cartridge battery by PRTBL. The Nando is likely the most feature-rich cartridge battery to date, boasting multiple power modes, charge light indication, rapid re-charge, and optional haptic feedback all packed into an ultra “PoRTaBLe” form factor. The PRTBL Nando battery features include:

  • Four selectable power modes:
    2.4v, 2.8v, 3.0v, 3.4v
  • Long lasting 700mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Button or Inhale Activation settings
  • Haptic feedback that can be turned on/off
  • Charger, magnetic adapters, & user manual included
  • Modern USB-C Rapid Charging (full charge within 40 mins)
  • Charge light indicators: Green = 50-100%, Yellow = under 50%, Red = under 20%
  • High quality, CNC Machined from a solid block of aluminum
  • Compatible with all standard oil cartridges
  • 1-year warranty, Ships Within 24 hours
used for: oil

PRTBL Nando Introduction

The PRTBL Nando is a compact and powerful oil cartridge battery vape. It accepts standard 510 thread cartridges, both top and bottom airflow. The Nando has four temperatures to choose from and features rapid charging capabilities. It has indicator lights and haptic feedback to alert users to the settings. You can buy the PRTBL Nando online at


PRTBL Nando Cartridge Compatibility

This PRTBL vaporizer has a unique feature that most drop-in vape batteries do not. With the use of varying-sized cartridge adapters(sold separately), you can use any 510 threaded cartridges, regardless of cartridge diameter and height. Each PRTBL Nando that VPM sells includes one standard-sized cartridge adapter. The Nando has a maximum diameter of 11.6mm for carts attached to the included standard magnetic adapter. You can purchase a PRTBL adapter for use with oversize carts from VPM.


Adjustable Settings

One of the main things mentioned in Nando reviews is that people love how adjustable the device is. You can use the built-in settings to customize your experience. These settings include the LED indicator lights, the variable voltage feature, and the haptic feedback. The best part is that you can also completely turn off the LED lights and haptic feedback. You can also adjust the strength of the haptic feedback and brightness of the LED lights. The lights and feedback are designed to help you stay aware of crucial battery information such as cartridge problems, dosing control, and charge level. The ability to adjust these settings to suit your needs is a massive benefit of the PRTBL Nando.


Nando Build Quality

The build quality of the PRTBL Nando vaporizer is top-notch. It has an incredible hand feel that’s not too heavy and not too light. This “just right” feel is due largely in part to how the Nando is manufactured. It is honed down by a CNC machine, starting as a single solid piece of aluminum. The particular type of aluminum it is machined from is called 6061 Aluminum and is known for its ability to resist scratching and solid durability. After creating the shell and housing from aluminum, PRTBL then sandblasts each unit by hand to provide a unique smooth yet textured feel. You will notice the edges on the PRTBL Nando have been rounded to help make the battery design more ergonomic. One of the nice things about this device is that it is made from 30% recycled materials. You can purchase the Nando in five beautiful finishes.


How to use the PRTBL Nando

It’s easy to use the PRTBL Nando. The first thing you need to do is install the adapter onto your cartridge. To do this, screw the adapter onto the 510 threads of your cartridge clockwise. Next, take your cart and slide it down into the port on the Nando with the adapter facing down. It will magnetically snap into place. Next, you need to turn on the device. To turn on the PRTBL Nando, you must click the power button five times. It is recommended that you click quickly. It may take a couple of tries to get it exactly right. When powered on, the Nando will flash Green-White-Green. Turning the device off is the same as turning it on. Click the button five times. When the Nando is powered off, it will flash White-Red-White. After turning the device on, you want to adjust the variable voltage to control how much heat is applied to your cart. Press the action button two times to change the temperature. Like the power button, this needs to be pressed relatively quickly and may take some getting used to. Once you are on the desired temperature setting, press and hold the button once to lock it in.

There are four temperature options, each indicated by a different LED color. Here is a guide to the temperature settings on the Nando: Blue= Low, Green = Medium Low, Orange = High Medium, and Red = High. Now that you have loaded the cartridge turned on the Nando, and selected your preferred temperature, it’s time to take a hit. There are two ways that you can hit the Nando. The first is inhale activation. This means that when you inhale on the cart, the device will automatically fire. The second way to hit the Nando is to press and hold the button. PRTBL designed this vape with both features to accommodate a large number of different cartridges. Many inhale-activated vape batteries are not compatible with top-airflow cartridges. Because PRTBL has a button-powered feature, the Nando can be used with top and bottom airflow carts.


Charging the PRTBL Nando

Charing the device is one of the most mentioned comments in PRTBL Nando reviews. This is because you can fully charge the device in under 45 minutes. It uses a high-speed USB-C cable to help accomplish rapid charging. In addition, the Nando lasts longer than most vape batteries. A powerful 700mAh battery ensures you can puff a lot between charges. Like most vaporizer batteries, this battery is manufactured from a Lithium-Ion compound. PRTBL states that they have engineered the battery to be more efficient than standard vape batteries. They even go as far as to claim that with light usage, it could last up to two weeks. Press the function button once to check your battery life level. The LED color indicates how charged the battery is. A green light means your battery has 50% or more charge left. A yellow light indicates less than 50% charged but more than 20% charged. A red light indicates a 20% or less charge on the device, and you should charge it soon. In the event that you forget to charge your Nando, PRTBL thought of it all. They enabled passthrough charging, so you hit it while it’s charging.


Quality Packaging

The Nando comes in packaging that’s sure to impress. When you open your Nando, you will be impressed with the elegance and simplicity of the packaging. The quality of the box is high enough and well-designed enough that you may even want to consider using it for long-term storage and transportation. The unboxing experience with a PRTBL vape is better than most other brands on the market.


Nando Colors

You will love the beautiful metallic finish options on the Nando. The surface of the device was sandblasted before being coated with color. This provides a smooth yet textured feel. You can buy the PRTBL Nando in five different color options. Those colors are Maui (Green), Slate (Black), Sonoma (Red), Monterey (Blue), and Paradox (Purple).


PRTBL Nando Conclusion

In a nutshell, the PRTBL Nando is a high-quality, feature-rich oil vape cartridge battery. It has a solid build and hand feel. It has a metric ton of customizable options and, using adapters, is compatible with almost all 510-threaded carts on the market. When you buy a PRTBL Nando, you won’t be disappointed. Looking for another great option? Check out the Vessel Compass+ or the PCKT Two and PCKT VRTCL

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2 reviews for PRTBL Nando Battery

  1. MacKenzie

    Just received my PRTBL Nando Battery (thanks for the fast shipping by the way) and it feels so high-quality, hits are so smooth

  2. Bee Whisperer (verified owner)

    This Nando vape battery is awesome. It hits super smooth— and lasts many days w/o recharging. It’s my new favorite.

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