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VPM Full Ceramic Cartridge Twist On Unbranded 1g
VPM Full Ceramic Cartridge Unbranded Twist on 1g with mouthpiece
VPM Full Ceramic Cartridge Snap On Unbranded 1g
VPM Full Ceramic Cartridge Snap On Unbranded 1g with mouthpiece
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VPM full ceramic oil cartridges
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VPM Full ceramic oil cartridge 1.0ml
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Full ceramic vape cartridge packaging
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VPM full ceramic cartridge Twist on
VPM full ceramic cartridge Twist on 0.5ml
VPM full ceramic cartridge Twist on 1ml
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VPM full ceramic oil cartridge primary photo


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VPM Full Ceramic Oil Cartridges

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Visiting this page from our recent Rosin Ready Rips newsletter? If you’re filling with Rosin, we recommend choosing the “Snap-On” version as they have been optimized for use with Rosin. If you have any questions, reach out to our friendly support staff. 


C stands for Ceramic! The VPM Brand Full Ceramic cartridge line uses a ceramic core atomizer, ceramic center airflow post, and ceramic mouthpiece. If that’s not enough ceramic for you, please consider joining a pottery class. These full ceramic cartridges are designed for thick oils and produce a tasty & smooth vapor. Features include:

  • Available in 0.5g or 1.0g (Snap or Twist On)
  • Ceramic atomizer with Two (Twist-On) or Four (Press-On) 1.8mm flow ports (intake holes)
  • Calibrated for thick oils
  • Glass tank with 100% ceramic internals & ceramic mouthpiece
  • Snap-On mouthpieces can be easily pressed on by hand & then can’t be taken off
  • Twist-On mouthpieces can be screwed on and off
  • Great Flavor and Smooth Vapor
  • Rigorous quality control & safety tested
  • Universal connection compatible with all Oil Cartridge Batteries
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VPM Full Ceramic Cartridges: A Superior Vaping Experience

VPM’s full ceramic empty cartridges combine top-notch ceramic heating technology with a ceramic pole, tip, and glass tube to provide the highest quality vaping experience. Your oil never comes into contact with any metal surfaces, ensuring purer flavors and a safer vaping experience. VPM all ceramic cartridges are available in both full gram and half gram sizes.

Advancements in Vaping Technology

Oil vaping has seen rapid advancements since its inception about ten years ago, with the introduction of full ceramic cartridges being one of the most notable recent developments. These cartridges have replaced all internal metallic components with ceramic materials without compromising appearance or functionality.

Filling and Sealing Full Ceramic Cartridges

Filling VPM full ceramic cartridges is simple, and they can be filled by hand with a syringe or using an industrial machine. There’s no need for a costly press, as these cartridges come with an option to order twist-to-seal mouthpieces. To create a vacuum seal in the cart, it’s best to cap and seal them within two minutes of filling.

Enhanced Flavor Experience with Full Ceramic Cartridges

One major benefit of using full ceramic cartridges is the noticeable improvement in vapor taste. Users commonly report cleaner or purer flavors due to the absence of contact between the oil and metal parts.

Eliminating Burnt Taste Issues

Empty Full ceramic cartridges eliminate the burnt tastes usually caused by overheated oil or cotton wicks found in traditional heating elements, allowing you to savor all your oil without any negative impact on its flavor.

Key Components of Full Ceramic Cartridges

Six essential components constitute a complete full ceramic cartridge: a glazed ceramic mouthpiece, nickel-plated copper base, porous white glazed center rod made from ceramics, a polypropylene plastic ring, a silica gel compound o-ring, and a glass tank made of standard glass material.

Terpene Preservation in Ceramic Cartridges

Full ceramic cartridges significantly improve the performance of terpenes due to their design, resulting in authentic flavors being preserved. These cartridges are also compatible with both thin and thick oils, providing rich clouds regardless of viscosity type.

Benefits of Ceramic Cartridges for the Cannabis Industry

Ceramic cartridges offer numerous advantages for the cannabis industry, including safety features like heavy metal test compliance, compatibility with various devices, health-conscious options, and optimal absorption capabilities that deliver excellent flavors while vaporizing concentrates. The VPM empty ceramic cartridges work great with the PCKT Two oil battery.

Customizable Wholesale Ceramic Cartridges

Ceramic vape cartridges can be purchased wholesale at reasonable prices, allowing brands to personalize oil capacities, mouthpiece colors, and shapes, helping create unique customer experiences without sacrificing quality or affordability. Contact us today for information about wholesale oil carts.

VPM Ceramic Carts Conclusion

Full ceramic cartridges provide an excellent choice for those seeking to elevate their vaping experience by delivering pure terpene flavors without any burnt oil taste. They also offer environmental and health benefits by preventing heavy metal contamination risk. VPM offers premium full ceramic cartridges available for purchase now, allowing you to experience superior vaping technology and performance first-hand.

Product: VPM Full Ceramic Oil Cartridges

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2 reviews for VPM Full Ceramic Oil Cartridges

  1. Jxuan

    One of the best ceramic carts.

  2. Finn078

    I bought 20 each of 1g and 0.5g VPM Full Ceramic Oil Cartridge and have yet to encounter any failure. Easily the best ceramic carts out there and super fast shipping!

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