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CCell Palm Pro All Six Colors New


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CCell Palm Pro Battery


The CCell Palm battery has turned Pro! The original Palm Battery has been the most popular oil cartridge battery on the market for many years, and it has now received an impressive upgrade. The Palm Pro boasts some features & functions not found in any other cartridge battery such as the combo of variable voltage temperature settings, pre-heat function, and adjustable airflow control. Our CCell Palm Pro and all of our CCell Brand vape hardware are authentic and directly from CCell. Features of the CCell Palm Pro include:

  • Inhale activation (auto-draw)
  • Long lasting 500mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Button on top can adjust temperature & pre-heat setting
  • Long-press button to change voltage temperature
  • LED light indicators at the top of the battery show voltage: One light = 2.8v, Two lights = 3.2v, Three lights = 3.6v
  • Press button two times to pre-heat for 10 seconds
  • Adjustable Airflow Control (twist collar to control vapor volume)
  • Easy loading magnetic connection (2x magnet adapters included)
  • Modern USB-C Charging (charger included)
  • Compatible with all Standard Size Oil Cartridges
  • Durable Aluminum Alloy housing
  • Includes Retail Packaging. Ships within 24 hours.
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CCell Palm Pro Cartridge Battery

It’s finally here. The highly anticipated follow-up to the world-renowned CCell Palm has been announced. Palm Pro reviews have been slowly trickling around the internet, and the majority of them give it two thumbs up. The Palm Pro is the latest oil vape to join the CCell vapes lineup. Keep reading to learn about the CCell Palm Pro, including the specs and a detailed how-to-use guide. 



Let’s Talk About Size

When you buy the CCell Palm Pro, you will first notice that it looks and feels a little different from its predecessor. The new Palm Pro is slightly taller, noticeably thicker, and just a bit heavier. The exact Palm Pro dimensions are as follows: the height is 57.5mm (2.26 inches), the width is 42mm (1.65 inches), and the depth is 13.55mm (0.53 inches).

Many reviewers prefer this slightly larger and heavier device as it provides an excellent hand feel. The cartridge opening measures 12mm in diameter, so it is compatible with all standard-diameter cartridges, such as the CCell TH2 EVO or VPM Twist Series oil carts. It will not work with oversized cartridges and is incompatible with top-airflow style carts. 


Palm Pro Power

You’ll have plenty of power options on this new vape battery. Coming in with huge improvements over the original, the new Palm Pro adds variable voltage and a preheat function as standard options.

The battery is a 500mAh Lithium-Ion battery, which is the same capacity as the original. With the Pro version, you get that same all-day reliability for which the original is known.

There are three possible voltage settings, 2.8V, 3.2V, and 3.6V. This is a much more comprehensive range than the first iteration of Palm, which had only one option of 3.7 volts. The additional voltage options will allow you to adjust how hot your Palm Pro heats the coil in the cart. For a smoother, more flavorful hit, a lower setting is recommended. A higher setting is recommended for a big, bold hit that produces large clouds. The best advice we can provide is to try out all three voltages and see which works best for your oil and vaping preferences.

Another great power-related feature that CCell added is the preheat function. This will allow you to heat the oil in your cart for up to 10 seconds before you inhale. If your cartridge is clogged, preheating the oil can help thin it out, allowing the clog to pass. These added power features add a ton of value to the Palm Pro. 


Airflow Control

A much-needed and well-engineered feature appears on the CCell Palm Pro. They added a small slider to the exterior of the cartridge port. Using this slider, you can increase or restrict the air added to the vapor mixture when inhaling. By changing the air ratio, you can change the profile of your hit. If you are looking for a lighter, more soft hit, try using it with the airflow slider fully open. If you prefer a thick, hard hit, try puffing with the airflow slider fully closed. Most people find that somewhere between fully open and fully closed best suits their needs.  


Everything You Need to Know About Charging the Palm Pro Battery.

The Palm Pro ships with a slight charge, but the manufacturer recommends that you fully charge the battery before its first use.

The charging port on this vape has been updated to be USB-C compatible. This is a much preferred charging port compared to the old micro-USB that was standard on the older version Palm. CCell includes a quality USB-C to USB-A cable that should be used to charge the Pro. This cable is much longer than the charging cables standard in most vape kits.

Plug the USB-C side of the cable into the vaporizer and plug the USB-A side into any low-output USB-A charging block or device. It should charge up reasonably quickly. A full charge from empty should take less than 3 hours to recharge.

Thanks to the led charge level indicator lights, you’ll know when to recharge the Palm Pro. The lights are located on the top of the device. Three fully lit lights indicate a full charge. When only one light is illuminated, you have less than a third of a charge left. 


How to Use the CCell Palm Pro Vape Battery

Using the Palm Pro is easy and intuitive. Our comprehensive how-to guide will show you all the steps you need to take to use your device after purchasing the Palm Pro. Once you receive your order, open the box and read the entire owner’s manual carefully. Now that you have thoroughly read and understand the owner’s manual, it is time to charge your vape. Please get in touch with our support team if you have questions about operating your new device. 

To charge the Palm Pro, plug it into the included charging cable and connect it to a power source. Charging time will vary but make sure you charge it for at least 90 minutes. All three battery indicator lights should be illuminated to indicate a complete charge. Now that you have a fully charged device, it’s time to install the cartridge. 

Take a new standard-diameter 510 cartridge filled with your favorite legal hemp-derived oil and ensure that the threads are free of damage and completely clean. Take one of the small magnetic adapter rings included in the Palm Pro package and carefully thread it onto your cartridge. It’s essential not to cross-thread the adapter because it could render the cartridge unusable. Now that you have attached the magnetic adapter, you can carefully slide the cartridge into the port. The cartridge will magnetically snap into place. 

After installing the cartridge, you should select your preferred voltage setting. If you are unsure which setting to use, we suggest starting with the lowest setting first, 2.8V. The lower setting will provide for the least harsh experience. After taking your first few puffs, you can adjust the voltage to see which setting is best for you.

After changing the voltage, you should now adjust the airflow slider. Like with the voltage settings, if this is your first time using the Palm Pro, it’s probably best to start with the lowest setting (fully open). You can adjust the airflow slider while inhaling to get a good idea of the performance differences. 

You are almost ready to go. There is only one last thing to do before taking your first hit. The preheat function on the CCell Palm Pro is generally a good idea when working with a cold cartridge. If you haven’t used your cart in more than 20 or 30 minutes, preheating will likely improve your experience. Turn on the preheat function and wait 10 seconds for the preheat cycle to complete. You can also stop the preheat early if 10 seconds is too long. 

Finally, without further ado, you are ready to puff puff pass. You don’t need to press the button to take a hit because the Palm Pro is fully inhale-activated. Just suck on your cartridge mouthpiece; the vape will heat your oil and vaporize it. 

If you are looking for a high-performance, full-featured oil vaporizer from one of the most respected brands in the industry, the CCell Palm Pro is a solid choice. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase; this is the most highly anticipated vape and will likely be the most popular oil vaporizer in the coming year. As always, when you buy the Palm Pro from, it comes with our 100% Customer Happiness Guarantee. Want to check out a premium alternative to the CCell Palm you might want to consider the PCKT Two.

Product: CCell Palm Pro Battery

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5 reviews for CCell Palm Pro Battery

  1. Colton (verified owner)

    Great battery! when i needed to change my address vpm helped out immediately to get it where i needed it. 10/10 would recommend great battery and website

  2. Michele H (verified owner)

    No more clogged carts! I love this “Ruby” ccell palm pro and all of her upgrades!

  3. Eric (verified owner)

    Stumbled across this site & product after endless searching for something other than the standard button pen that reminded me of the ‘bop it’ toy. Seemed like a solid product & was even more surprised when I put it to use. It’s perfect for my purposes around the house & is discreet enough to carry when needed. Great hit options & is quick to fire. Can’t say enough about the customer service. After I placed my first order I noticed there was a newbie coupon & that I should probably order a couple spare magnets. They let me resubmit the order with the proper adjustments & the shipping was FAST! I’ve since had a couple of friends order from VPM & they are happy as well. This will be my go to from now on. Thanks!

  4. Jim B (verified owner)

    I bought this little gem about a month ago to replace a generic pen battery. It is a truly hefty and tiny little diamond heats fast (about 5 seconds) and is great for hard rips. The icing on the cake is doing business with VPM! Great service and FAST shipping and delivery. I’m an 80 year old retired attorney, and really appreciate the ease of ordering, hassle-free service and wide selection. I’ll be back often!

  5. Keith (verified owner)

    What to say? They added the only thing the original desperately needed – a preheat button, along with power levels, airflow control, *and* USB type-c. One thing, though- other magnetic collars I use no longer work with this one, BUT these collars work with other 510 cartridges better IMO.

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