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Yocan Ziva Battery with cartridge view


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Yocan Ziva Battery


Check out the Yocan Ziva – a great option for those looking to buy a discrete oil vape battery. The Ziva completely hides your standard-sized 510-thread oil cartridge out of view for maximum discretion. Sporting a powerful battery and variable voltage, this oil vape is hard to beat.

  • Inhale Activated
  • Available in 7 Finishes
  • 510 thread battery: can fit up to VPM 2g carts (14mm diameter)
  • Variable Voltage (blue = 2.6V, green = 3.2V, red = 3.8V)
  • USB-C Charging
  • Aluminum Body


used for: oil

Yocan Ziva Battery


Introduction and Overview of the Yocan Ziva

Welcome to our in-depth look at the Yocan Ziva, an intelligent cannabis oil vaporizer battery making waves. With features designed for convenience and performance, this exceptional oil vape is perfect for those seeking an unparalleled portable vaping experience.  The Yocan Ziva Vaporizer is the ideal battery when considering compactness and efficiency. This discreet yet powerful device combines cutting-edge technology with elegant design elements, creating something remarkable. This oil vape features a 650mAh battery encased within an aluminum alloy body, maintaining its light weight. Unique amongst other devices on the market due to its ability to entirely hide a cart, it takes daily users’ vaping needs for discretion into account as no other product does.

Battery & Charging the Ziva

The Yocan Ziva’s potent 650mAh battery ensures your sessions are not interrupted by frequent charging hiccups since it can easily power through several rounds of puff puff pass. This innovative vape utilizes USB Type-C fast-charging technology—a massive leap forward from run-of-the-mill micro-USB charging. This guarantees quicker charge times without compromising the longevity of your device, thanks to protection against energy fluctuations often encountered when using less sophisticated cables. Charging is simple—just connect your USB Type-C cable to any compatible power source or port (like your laptop or a charging block), plug it into your Yocan Ziva, and voila! You’re back in action before you know it.

Ziva Oil Vape Design & Materials

Sporting an aluminum alloy body gives Yocan Ziva an upper hand over plastic counterparts not only because it’s sturdier but also lighter, ensuring long-term durability while preventing unnecessary weight buildup. Make the switch to aluminum—your pocket will thank you! Adding stealthiness through a hidden cartridge design that accommodates cannabis oil carts ensures all eyes stay on you, not your device. Available in seven stunning finishes, you’re sure to find a Ziva that fits your style. The Ziva is compatible with all standard-sized empty oil cartridges.

Yocan Ziva Reviews

The Yocan Ziva is receiving rave user reviews for its simplicity and performance. The consensus among the vaping community is that this oil vape battery offers a discreet yet satisfying experience like no other. A common theme amongst these testimonials is praising its powerful battery life, innovative design, ease of use, hidden cart design, and striking a perfect balance between portability and durability.

Variable Voltage Oil Battery

Adding personalization to the mix, the variable voltage setting offered by Yocan Ziva allows you to tune your device according to your preferences. This feature provides three distinct levels: low (2.6V), medium (3.2V) & high (3.8V)—entirely under your control! Additionally, robust auto-draw technology eliminates tedious button pressing; just inhale through the mouthpiece and let it do all the work! Together, these features make the Ziva a great choice. You can see other examples of variable voltage batteries at VPM to compare and contrast the Ziva to its competitors.

How to use the Yocan Ziva

Quickly click the button five times to turn your device on/off. LED indicator light will flash green five times when turned on and flash red five times when turned off. Once the cart is successfully attached to the 510 connection base the light will stay on for one second. A 10 second pre-heating can be activated by quickly clicking the button twice, and twice again to deactivate. To switch between voltage settings, quickly click the button three times for: blue = 2.6v, green = 3.2v, and red = 3.8v. Once everything is set all you have to do is just inhale and enjoy!


In conclusion, the Yocan Ziva oil vape is unquestionably an impressive companion for fulfilling everyday vaping needs while remaining discreet! With sleek craftsmanship catering perfectly to both function & aesthetic appeal, along with state-of-the-art features such as fast charging capabilities, durable construction materials & personalized voltage settings, it truly takes the portable vaping experience up several notches! If you are looking for a similarly discreet variable voltage battery without any buttons feel free to check out the new Yocan Verve Battery, another one of our favorite discreet 510 Vaporizer Batteries!

Product: Yocan Ziva Battery

The parts that fit. Not the parts that quit.
Clouds out of your mouth not your ears
Processed within 24 hours. Shippity-doo-dah!
That’s just good manners.
Mind your business nosey neighbors.
Because why shouldn’t we?

2 reviews for Yocan Ziva Battery

  1. Fran (verified owner)

    This is an awesome stealth battery! I love the variable voltage and it is easy to change the cart out, and I don’t have to worry about losing a magnetic adapter.

  2. Jeff bright (verified owner)

    Very solid battery. I bought it to take advantage of the VPM 2 g cartridge. It looks like it will work just fine.

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