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Yocan Ziva Pro Battery All Colors Primary


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Yocan Ziva Pro Battery


Incog-NEATO! It’s obvious (based on how fast these sell) that the Yocan Ziva is a customer-favorite. What isn’t obvious is what you’ll be vaping. Yup, hide your hits inside the Ziva Pro—the upgraded version of the Bestselling Yocan Ziva. With upgrades such as: OLED display, micro 0.1v voltage adjustments, and touch screen buttons—the Ziva Pro is the upgraded version of an already amazing vape battery.

  • Inhale activated
  • OLED display screen with touch button
  • Turn on/off with five quick taps
  • Double tap for a 10 second pre-heat
  • Variable voltage (1.8v-4.2v) can be adjusted by 0.1v increments
  • Compatible with standard 510 thread carts
  • Fits 2g carts (14mm width)
  • Magnetic base connection
  • Rechargeable 650mAh battery
  • Type-C charging port
used for: oil

Yocan Ziva Pro Battery

What’s the difference between Yocan Ziva and Yocan Ziva Pro?

The Ziva “Pro” is a professional obviously! But in all seriousness, the Ziva Pro has some pretty significant upgrades from the original Ziva. Mainly, an OLED display to keep track of your voltage, puff counter, resistance, and vaping timer. Additionally, the touch button & lock screen, elevate the incognito design of the Yocan Ziva Pro.

We break down the 3 major upgrades below:

1. Crisp OLED display screen with lock feature

The most impressive upgrade on the Yocan Ziva Pro is the OLED display screen. The screen is cleverly placed on the side of the device, making it the most stylish incognito vape ever. You can keep track of your pre-heat countdown, puff counter, voltage, battery level, and resistance. Not to mention, the screen lock feature will keep your settings fixed in your pocket or purse.

2. Precise voltage control with a single tap

The previous version of Ziva only had three voltage settings, from 2.6v up to 3.8v. However, the Ziva Pro has an incredible range between 1.8v-4.2v. Moreover, its voltage can be adjusted by 0.1v increments with the touch button. This allows you to fully customize your vaping experience specific to your favorite concentrate oil.

3. Discrete consumption—even with large 2g carts

Ziva Pro is one of the most discreet and functional vaporizers on the market. Fitting cartridges anywhere from 0.5g all the way up to 2g (max. 14mm x 62mm). The two best 2g carts that are tested and proven are the VPM 2g cart and Calibr Max. Simply screw in your 510 cart to the base and snap it shut. The magnetic base allows you to swiftly hide your cart, and effortlessly check on your oil level with a snap.


How to use the Yocan Ziva Pro

1. Charge your battery fully before first use. Please note that this device does not support fast charging. While charging, the red light will stay on solid. Once fully charged the light will turn off.
2. Quickly tap the power button five times to turn your device on/off.
3. Screw in your 510 thread cartridge onto the Ziva Pro base and magnetically snap it closed.
4. To lock/unlock your screen quickly tap the power button four times.
5. Set your voltage by tapping the power button three times. You can then adjust it by 0.1v increments with single taps or hold to adjust it rapidly.
6. Activate 10 second pre-heat by tapping the button twice.
7. Finally, all you have to do is inhale and enjoy!
8. Reset the puff counter by quickly tapping the button seven times.

Product: Yocan Ziva Pro Battery

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  1. Howard

    Just received my Yocan Ziva Pro last night, the best vape I’ve ever used! Thank you VPM! Great product, great price!

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