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iKrusher Calibr Max Oil Cartridge

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Introducing a higher (and wider) Calibr of cartridge! The iKrusher Calibr Max has a 2g tank for double-the-dank and handles thick oils better than your mechanic does! The wide mouth makes it easy to fill without a spill—so you can relax and chill!

  • Large 2g tank capacity
  • Glass tank with food-grade PC mouthpiece tip
  • Easy-press mouthpiece (can not be reopened)
  • Equipped with iKonic Ceramic Coil
  • Medical grade stainless steel post
  • Crafted for thick concentrate oil
  • Compatible with most 510 pen-style vapes
used for: oil

iKrusher Calibr Max Oil Cartridge

They don’t call it “Max” for nothing! Sitting at 14mm wide and 56.2mm tall, the Calibr Max is ideally paired with wide batteries. For those who like to be discreet and conceal their cartridges, the Calibr Max can also fit into Yocan Verve, Yocan Ziva, and Yocan Uni Pro.

Say bye-bye to a hit that’s dry thanks to iKrusher’s patented iKonic Ceramic Coil. Their enhanced heat distribution prevents your oil from overheating, keeping the flavor fresh and the hit heavenly. Calibr Max 2g performs best with Distillate concentrate, even of the thickest consistency.

Looking for a 1g version check out the Calibr Max’s younger bro: The Calibr Pro—a 1g cart with screw-on mouthpiece!

How to fill the Calibr Max cart

1. Do not close the mouthpiece before filling your iKrusher Calibr Max, or you will be left with a permanently sealed empty cart.
2. Pre-heat the oil to 122 °F and fill it with a syringe for a mess-free experience. We recommend the needle size to be a minimum of 15 gauge (2.0mm).
3. Insert the needle 2/3 of the glass tank without touching the bottom, and make sure to avoid the center post when filling your cart.
4. Cap the mouthpiece by pressing down evenly within 1.5 minutes of filling. For thinner concentrates, cap it sooner.
5. Once sealed, flip the cart upside down for 30 minutes. This will prevent leakages as the oil cools away from the coil.
6. Once cooled, flip it right side up for another 30 minutes. This will prevent potential dry hits as the oil fully saturates the coil.
7. Store the filled cart in a cool, dry place avoiding direct sunlight. (68°F-77°F recommended)

How to care for your iKrusher Calibr Max

Regularly clean your cartridge of any debris that could cause connection issues. The best way to do that is to use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to clean the connections. Above all, avoid extreme temperature and pressure changes, as this can damage material consistency or cause a leak.

Product: iKrusher Calibr Max Oil Cartridge

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1 review for iKrusher Calibr Max Oil Cartridge

  1. Jackson211

    Wow… just wow.. I was not expecting the iKrusher Calibr Max Oil Cartridge to handle my thick oil but it’s the smoothest I’ve tasted my oil, ever… Just added 5 more in my cart!

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