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Vessel Compass Rise Cart Battery

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Vapo-RISE and shine with the all new Vessel Compass Rise 510 Cart Battery. This all metal cart battery is both beautiful and built for a beating with its anodized metal casing. The new Vessel Compass Rise 510 cart battery has a few key upgrades from the previous Vessel Compass to help you “find” your way to a better sesh. With an added low voltage setting (1.9v) for thicker oils, pre-heat functionality, and memory to recall your last heat settings this Compass truly “rises” to the occasion.

Features include:

  • Drop-in design for cartridge protection
  • Button activated
  • Swivel for mouthpiece alignment
  • Sturdy design allows battery to stand upright
  • Designed for thick viscous oil
  • Ergonomic anti-slip prism shaped body
  • 3 clicks to adjust voltage (1.9v, 2.4v, 2.8v, 3.2v, 3.6v)
  • Pre heat functionality in 6 seconds
  • 100% anodized metal casing
  • Built-in rechargeable 550mAh battery
  • USB-C charging port with cable included
  • Universal threading for all standard 510 oil cartridges (up to 11.5mm diameter)
used for: oil

Vessel Compass Rise 510 Cart Battery

Vessel Brand made sure to deliver on all fronts in the creation of the Vessel Compass Rise Oil Cartridge Battery. For starters they’ve added a new pre-heat functionality and a low voltage setting to help with thicker oils and enhance the flavor of your vapor. The Vessel Compass Rise Cart Battery has optimized air-flow and a prism shaped backplate for an extra ergonomic grip while still protecting your oil cart like the previous version. Vessel Brand has truly “risen” above many other 510 Threaded cart batteries look, feel, and function.

Extra settings means extra flavor

Despite its name, the “Rise” includes an extra “low” voltage setting at 1.9v. With the lower voltage you’ll have an easier time dealing with those thicker THC oils as well as helping you hone in on the full spectrum of cannabinoids and true-to-plant flavor of your favorite concentrates.

Rise up and stand tall

The Vessel Compass Rise Cartridge Battery is equipped with a unique ability to stand upright on its own. Not only is it

tilt-resistant, but the Vessel Compass Rise Cart Battery will also keep your oil cartridge upright and saturated for instant vaping. Sleek not slick, the anti-slip metal casing will keep your prism-shaped vape safe and sound.

What is the difference between Vessel Compass and Vessel Compass Rise?

The main difference is that the Compass Rise Cart Battery is made of high-quality anodized aluminum body and is plastic free. The new prism shaped vape is anti-slip and stands upright on its own. The Vessel Compass Rise Cartridge Battery also includes 5 power settings with an extra voltage setting at 1.9v for highly viscous oil. Lastly, Compass Rise now has an auto pre-heat function upon activation, ensuring your oil is prepped and ready to rip.

Compass Rise Cart Battery is not compatible with Ridge and Scout but Vessel Brand will launch a brand new Apex charging dock and Hub Case soon.

How to use Vessel Compass Rise Cart Battery

1. Fully charge before first use with a certified 5v charger. (It is not recommended to charge in a vehicle.)

2. If the lights blink red, this indicates an active charging sesh. When the lights stop, you’re ready to vape. The device auto-shuts off after 30min of inactivity.

3. Insert your favorite 510 thread oil cartridge. White LED will flash twice when the connection is

successful. Complete the connection with one full rotation.

4. Swivel the cart gently to set the mouthpiece to the desired position.

5. Rapidly click the button 5 times to turn on/off.

6. Click 3 times to switch between voltage settings: 1.9v, 2.4v, 2.8v, 3.2v, 3.6v. Use 1.9v for high

viscous full-spectrum oil.

7. The device will automatically start pre-heating for 6 seconds. Blue LED light will flash twice when

the pre-heat is complete.

8. Lastly press and hold the button to inhale and rise up!

Product: Vessel Compass Rise Cart Battery

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2 reviews for Vessel Compass Rise Cart Battery

  1. Beck_900

    Just got my Vessel Compass Rise Cart Battery and it’s the best high quality vape I’ve ever own. the 1.9v is a game changer iykyk

  2. Jerry

    Love the new Compass Rise, finally something not cheap plastic

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