Our collection of vape pen batteries that are inhale (breath) activated. These are the simplest to use.

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Vape batteries without buttons are also known as Inhale-Activated batteries. They are perfect if you’re looking for convenient hits without the use of a button. They are light-weight, stylish, and are even more discrete without the button. Simply screw in your 510-threaded cartridge, and you’re ready to use! 

People are drawn to the Inhale Activated batteries because they can easily take their hits, without having to turn it off/on. One of our most popular battery pairs, the CCell Palm and CCell Silo are both Inhale Activated batteries. 

These batteries will pack a punch in subtle ways. They will only work with bottom-airflow cartridges, since they do not require a button to operate. You will know if you have bottom airflow cartridges if you see the air intake holes at the bottom or underside of your cartridge. Don’t stress: all of our CCell and Jupiter Cartridges will work with Inhale Activated batteries. If you have any questions over compatibility, please ask us. We’re happy to help!