CCell Fino Battery Both Cartridges
CCell Fino Detachable Power Dock Battery
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CCell Fino Detachable Power Dock Battery Lifestyle
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CCell Fino Battery Cocoa Moon Gray Front
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CCell Fino Battery Detachable Power Dock Cocoa Moon Gray
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CCell Fino Battery Both Cartridges


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CCell Fino Battery


CCell has blown us all away with their groundbreaking vaporizer, Fino! The cutting-edge design combines the battery and the power dock into an elegant leather casing. You will never have to worry about your Fino running out of battery thanks to its magnetically detachable power dock. Moreover, with the LED lights clearly displaying voltage settings and battery life, you can say goodbye to blindly clicking buttons!

  • Inhale activated
  • Premium leather casing
  • Built-in rechargeable 190mAh mini vape battery
  • Magnetically detachable 1000mAh power dock
  • Double tap for a 10 second pre-heat
  • Variable voltage with 8 settings (2.2v, 2.4v, 2.6, 2.8v, 3.0v, 3.2v, 3.4v, 3.6v)
  • Includes two magnetic adapters
  • LED lights, indicating voltage settings and battery life
  • Drop-in magnetic connection for 510 thread cartridges
used for: oil

CCell Fino 510 Oil Vape Battery

Just in time for the 2024 year, CCell announced their latest leading technology 510 thread vape battery, Fino! When we thought CCell couldn’t top their latest reliable Palm Pro, they left us in awe with their groundbreaking Fino. Keep your expectations high because this device will meet every single one of them. The Fino works with all standard oil cartridges and is by far the most elegant battery in our entire cart battery collection.

Flexible design – discreet or a statement piece

First things first, the most unique feature of CCell Fino is its innovative design! With all the features, Fino is still extremely compact and portable. Furthermore, the magnetically detachable mini battery takes portability and discretion to a new level. This means the Fino can be used with and without the power dock. Additionally, the leather casing gives the vaporizer a wallet-like appearance, making it great for any occasion.

Impressive 5x extended battery life

The CCell Fino is a 2-in-1 battery powerhouse! While the mini battery has a 190mAh battery capacity, the magnetically detachable power dock has a magnificent 1000mAh battery capacity. This means a fully charged Fino power dock will give the mini battery a whooping five full charges. No more dead batteries and frantically searching for your charging cable. Just enjoy the comfort of the fast-charging portable power bank.

Precise control with the intuitive LED panel

Another unique feature that will put our minds at ease is the intuitive LED light indicators. You will never have to memorize the meaning of LED light colors or flashing patterns ever again. With Fino, it just takes one glance and you will know everything about your voltage settings and battery levels. The variable voltage function of the Fino allows you to have full control of the temperature of your vape cart.


How to use CCell Fino

Open and close the leather case to see the battery levels for both the mini battery and the power dock. To charge your power dock use the provided USB-C charging cable. The mini battery can only be charged with the power dock.

To insert your desired cartridge, screw on the magnetic adapter and just drop it into the battery. The magnetic adapters are included in the box. We recommend CCell TH2 & Evo cartridges for your CCell Fino.

CCell Fino comes with eight voltage settings (2.2v – 3.6v). This is perfect for beginners figuring out the best setting and for professionals who enjoy various oils with specific settings. To adjust your settings the mini battery should be connected to the power dock. You can either tap or hold to adjust your voltage. Once set, you can detach your Fino mini battery and never worry about the settings again.

For a smooth clog-free experience, tap the voltage button twice for a 10 second pre-heating. Please note that the pre-heat function requires connecting the mini battery to the dock. Finally to enjoy your vape, with or without the dock, simply inhale and relax.

What’s inside the CCell Fino box:

  • Mini battery
  • Battery dock
  • Leather casing
  • 2 magnetic adapters
  • USB-C cable
  • User manual

Product: CCell Fino Battery

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3 reviews for CCell Fino Battery

  1. Jamal

    Be careful buying this… This CCell Fino Battery literally made me get rid of all my old vapes. fr Fino is the only vape you will ever need

  2. Ian Heard

    Fino is one of the best looking vapes IMO, the leather case texture feels good and elegant. The detachable battery is like a mini CCell silo, and the whole set is more like a premium palm pro to me.

  3. Callie

    I got the Obsidian CCell Fino Battery and I get compliments all the time, it doesn’t look like a vape at all and it’s so elegant. The battery lasts days!

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