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Puffco New Peak Pro E Rig Primary


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Puffco New Peak Pro


Introducing the newest edition Peak Pro e-Rig, launched in 2023 and loaded with exciting new features and updates! This water cooled vaporizer now comes with five new laser cut perc slots that deliver every dabbers dream experience when it comes to flavor and potent vapor. The Puffco New Peak Pro includes the patented 3D chamber, which will leave you impressed with its real time temperature control, reduced wax reclaim, and maximized extraction through the joystick carb cap. If you want to load your Peak Pro efficiently and mess-free, feel free to check out the Puffco Hot Knife!

  • Patented 3D ceramic chamber
  • Real time heat control
  • 4 preset heat profiles
  • LED lights indicator
  • Auto-sleep function
  • Vapor control – take control of your clouds potency
  • Battery life of up to 40 heat cycles with 2h fast charge time and 20s heat up time
  • Bluetooth app connectivity with Puffco Connect App
  • USB-C connection (charger included)
used for: wax

Puffco New Peak Pro E-Rig – The Best E-Rig launched in 2023


The Puffco New Peak Pro E-rig is an innovative self-contained water-cooled “concentrates” vaporizer that has gained considerable popularity with both newbies and veteran dabbers, and has helped advance the concentrates marketplace onto its modern evolution. It achieves its purpose of turning the previously complex array of process and equipment normally required for the proper vaping of concentrates, into an easily manageable self-contained appliance that is incredibly useful, convenient, potent, and fun.


Difference between Puffco New Peak Pro and Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco Peak Pro glass piece is meticulously hand blown and the groove like texture that’s embedded throughout its design doesn’t fail to grab attention. A pleasant surprise is that this time around the Puffco New Peak Pro comes with a 3D Chamber included! You don’t have to buy an additional chamber like you would for the old peak pro. Inserting the chamber has gotten easier too, no more second guessing yourself if the chamber is locked into place. Additionally, the size of the chamber is larger which gives you the option to take fatter dabs and with the heating elements set to be on the sides, it decreases the likelihood of reclaim. Of course if 3D Chamber is not big enough for you, you can always go for this enormous 3D XL Chamber for your New Peak Pro! Puffco was not playing around when they successfully improved the quality of airflow with the new directional joystick carb cap, vortex grooves and perc holes! These are all new features that has left us throughly impressed. With the joystick you can direct the airflow to the corners of the chamber and help you get maximal extraction from your wax. The grooves and the new perc holes increase the vapor quality! This entire system was designed for you to experience the best out of your wax.


What’s in the box?

  • New Peak Pro
  • 3D chamber
  • Joystick cap
  • Loading tool
  • 5-pack dual tool
  • USB-C cable
  • Carrying case
  • Instruction manual

Step by step guide on how to use your New Peak Pro

  1. Charge: Make sure to fully charge your New Peak Pro E-Rig before use. Once plugged in, the LED lights will indicate battery level: red light = low battery, orange light = half battery, green light = full battery
  2. Fill the glass: Remove the glass from the base each time before filling it up with water. Fill the glass to just above the perc slots. To reattach the glass to the base, align the air hole with the atomizer and gently press it into the base. Make sure there is no water in the base before attaching the glass back.
  3. On/Off: Hold the button for three seconds until the device vibrates to turn it on and off.
  4. Temperature Settings: Single click the button to switch between blue = low heat (490F), green = medium heat (510F), red = high heat (530F), white = peak heat (575F)
  5. Load: Make sure to use a loading tool to place your wax into the 3D chamber, this will ensure the wax from getting on the sides. Once loaded close the carb cap.
  6. Heat up: Double click the button to initiate heat up. When the LED light is pulsing it indicates that the heat-up mode is active. To exit heat-up mode hold the button.
  7. Enjoy!: Your e-rig will vibrate and lights will flash three times when ready for you to enjoy your New Peak Pro with zero splash back!
  8. Clean: Use a cotton swab or a cleaning tool to gently clean the chamber after each use.


Connect your New Peak Pro E-Rig to Puffco App!

One of the most unique features Puffco offers is the ability to customize your device settings to fit your personal preferences to a T. This makes the New Peak Pro perfect for those who want to add their creative flair to their beloved everyday vaporizer. You have your friends over and want to get the party going? No problem, just turn on the “Disco Mood” setting and you will have a night no one will forget! Having a quiet night in with your lover? Peak Pro has your back, just turn on the “Candle light” setting and up your romance for the night! Celebrating the Independence Day in the United States? Get your LED lights sparkle like fireworks with the “4th of July” light setting! Puffco New Peak Pro has also kept in consideration of those who are sensitive to LED lights. Just turn on the stealth mode and never worry about the lights blinding your eyes.



Not only can you adjust the mood lights and create custom mood lights, but you can also adjust the temperature settings. There are four temperature presets in your devise, however you can add as many heat profiles as you wish and and also control the temperature in real time as you are vaping! To connect to the Puffco App:

  • Download the Puffco Connect App to your phone.
  • To pair your New Peak Pro press and hold the button until it glows blue.
  • Allow Bluetooth connection on your phone for your New Peak Pro.
  • Once they are paired you can name your device. You can pair as many devices as you wish on the app, this will help you keep track of which devise you are currently using.
  • If you are carrying the Old Peak Pro you can update it and use all the customization on the Puffco App for it as well!


How to use the Puffco App?

Main screen: The moment you connect you will land on the main screen where you will see the battery percentage, how many dabs remain, active profile, current chamber temperature, your daily dabs and total dabs you’ve taken so far with your device.

Heat Profiles: You can access the heat profiles by clicking on “Heat Profiles” at the bottom right corner of the main screen. Once you reach that page you will notice there are four preset heat profiles ready for you to use. You can either edit them from the top left corner or custom create one from the top right corner.

Custom Profile: Go to “Heat Profiles” page and click on the “+” sign on the top right corner. Here you can name your new profile, set the desired temperature, duration of the dab, vapor control and the LED light colors.

  • Temperature setting range from 400F to 644F
  • Duration setting range from 0:15 seconds to 2:00 seconds
  • Vapor control let’s you control the thickness and the potency of your clouds. You can select between STANDARD, HIGH or MAX
  • LED lights can be either a solid color or you can choose from the mood light presets. However the New Peak Pro takes the customization to a new level by allowing you to create your own mood light from scratch! Just click on the “+” sign at the top right corner when you are on the “Mood Lights” page. There you can name your mood light, choose its color, choose its LED animation and its tempo.

Control Centre: You can access the control centre from the top right corner of the main screen. This function gives you quick access to the LED light intensity, Boost Mode, Mood Lights, Ready Mode, Stealth Mode and the Power on/off button. Keep in mind that the Ready Mode only works if you have a Peak Pro Power Dock. You can set your desired temperature in the Ready Mode which will initiate every time you remove your device from the power dock.


Fly to new highs with New Peak Pro boost mode!

Need a quick boost to elevate your experience with Puffco New Peak Pro E-Rig? Just click the button twice to increase the temperature and the duration of your session! The set temperature for your boost mode can be customized in the Puffco App. Oh, is the boost mode not enough? Well, good thing no one is holding you back from using the intensity mode! It will hit the spot with just five clicks creating thicker and more potent clouds! Keep in mind that intensity mode won’t work when your current setting is already on peak temperature.

Product: Puffco New Peak Pro

The parts that fit. Not the parts that quit.
Clouds out of your mouth not your ears
Processed within 24 hours. Shippity-doo-dah!
That’s just good manners.
Mind your business nosey neighbors.
Because why shouldn’t we?

2 reviews for Puffco New Peak Pro

  1. Kimberly Fin

    Worth every penny!!! Puffco New Peak Pro is the only wax vape that hits the spot 😮‍💨 Would buy another one if I could!

  2. Ken (verified owner)

    The best e-rig period. Don’t bother with any other. Peak pro is the GOAT! VPM is awesome too. easy, smooth, trust worthy! Ordered on a Tues morn. had it in hand Friday morn.

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