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New Ispire Daab Erig

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Discover convenience and versatility with the updated Ispire Daab eRig, a cutting-edge electronic dab rig for cannabis extracts and wax concentrates. Experience rapid heat-up times and unparalleled temperature control thanks to its innovative induction heating technology. The new version of Ispire Daab eRig’s portability and ease-of-use make it an increasingly popular choice among wax vape fans.


  • Full Kit Includes Everything You Need Except the Wax
  • USB–C Charging
  • Heats Up Quickly
  • Glass Parts are Borosilicate
  • Large Temperature Range
  • Induction Heating
  • Ispire Daab Parts and Accessories



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New Ispire Daab Erig



Introducing the updated Ispire Daab eRig

The Ispire Daab eRig version 2 is a state-of-the-art device explicitly designed for cannabis concentrate enthusiasts who seek a high-quality, reliable, and convenient method to enjoy their favorite extracts. As an expertly crafted electronic dab rig, it provides several unique features, allowing users a premium and hassle-free electronic dabbing experience. Ispire Daab eRig is the ultimate choice for novice and experienced dabbers alike.


Innovative Induction Heating Technology on the Daab

The most notable aspect of the Ispire Daab eRig is its advanced induction heating technology. Conventional dab rigs rely on an open flame or butane source for heating, which can lead to combustion and affect the purity and flavor of the vapor. With this innovative eRig, there is no direct flame or butane involved. Instead, it utilizes circulating electrical currents to generate heat without any combustion, ensuring consistently ultra-clean and flavorful hits every time.

The induction heating technology also translates to rapid heat-up times and a safer user experience compared to traditional methods. It eliminates the chance of accidental burns and reduces the potential for hazards. Overall, the cutting-edge induction heating system positions the Ispire Daab eRig as a highly efficient and safe choice for dab enthusiasts.


High-Quality Borosilicate Concentrate Cup for Optimal Heat Distribution

To further increase the quality of your dabbing experience, the Ispire Daab eRig comes with a premium borosilicate glass concentrate cup designed to facilitate even heat distribution at your chosen temperature settings. It minimizes waste and also helps keep your rig cleaner for extended periods.

Included alongside the borosilicate concentrate cup is a custom is the Flat Carb Cap and Seal designed to align perfectly with the rig’s top hole. This carb cap enhances your manual control over airflow during dabs, allowing for optimal vapor production in accordance with your personal preferences.


Detachable Daab Bubbler & Convenient Magnetic Attachments

Adding a touch of luxury to the Ispire Daab eRig’s numerous innovative features is its detachable bubbler. The bubbler is a game changer for those who value the purity and gentleness of their hits and is especially helpful for users new to dabbing or those who prefer hits that have been cooled down. It enhances the vapor quality by introducing water filtration into the dabbing process, refining the vapor before inhalation for an incredibly smooth experience.

The borosilicate glass concentrate cup and the detachable bubbler are designed to attach magnetically to the rig, ensuring a secure and stable connection during each use. This user-focused design consideration not only simplifies assembly and disassembly but also ensures ease of maintenance and cleaning.


How to use the Ispire Daab Erig

  1. Charge your Erig fully with the provided USB-C charging cable before first use
  2. Assemble your Daab and make sure the connection part is clean
  3. Fill the Water Chamber to the “max” fill line through the chamber mouthpiece
  4. Turn on/off by quick clicking the button five times
  5. Set the temperature (250°F- 800°F) using the +/- buttons
  6. Click twice to pre-heat and once to stop
  7. The chamber will flash as it heats up, once ready it stays on solid and beeps three times
  8. Inhale and Enjoy!

Ispire Daab Temperature Range & Customizable Settings

The Ispire Daab eRig offers an impressive temperature range from 250-800 degrees Fahrenheit (121-427 Celsius), accommodating the preferences of every user. With such an expansive temperature selection, everyone from flavor chasers to cloud enthusiasts will find their sweet spot using this innovative device.

The Ispire Daab eRig offers two primary modes: Auto Mode and Manual Mode, to cater to individual preferences. Both modes provide adjustable settings for a custom dabbing experience.

In Auto Mode, the device will preheat itself to the desired temperature you select. It will notify you when it’s ready for consumption with an internal light indicator and an audible beep, ensuring you don’t miss your perfect moment for a hit. For fans of cold start dabbing, you can preload your concentrates into the cup and inhale as the device heats up, leading to a smooth, flavor-packed start to your dabbing session.

The Manual Mode is intended for users interested in reheating concentrates that have already been used, preventing unnecessary waste. This mode ensures that every last bit of your chosen dab material is efficiently consumed.


Daab Battery Life & Charging

Backed by a powerful battery, the Ispire Daab eRig allows extended usage periods between charges, ensuring uninterrupted dabbing sessions. Furthermore, the device features pass-through charging capabilities, allowing you to continue enjoying your dabs even when plugged in for recharging. This eliminates the need for waiting between charges and maintains the momentum of your dabbing experience.



In summary, the Ispire Daab is a device that combines advanced technology, innovation, and user-focused design to elevate your experience. With its exceptional performance, ease of use, customizable settings, and safety features, it’s the ultimate choice for novice and experienced dab enthusiasts. So, if you’re seeking a cutting-edge electronic rig that offers satisfaction and convenience, look no further! You can now buy the Ispire Daab eRig online at


What’s inside the Ispire Daab eRig Kit

  • Daab Device
  • Water Chamber
  • Concentrate Cup
  • Flat Carb Cap and Seal
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Dab Pad
  • 2 Batteries
  • 2 Alcohol Pads
  • 3 Cotton Swabs
  • Dab Tool
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Product: New Ispire Daab Erig

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1 review for New Ispire Daab Erig

  1. Cora

    Once you get the New Ispire Daab Erig you will NEVER want to be bothered with small vapes. The vapor hits so strong and flavorful, I actually save on my wax because one dab is enough with this Erig. Side note: I’m so glad that the new concentrate cup has a little design change. The old version of the inner cup and reclaim cup are combined!

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