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iKrusher Astro Battery Primary


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Astro Mod by Ikrusher

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Introducing the Astro Mod pod system by iKrusher. This vaporizer is both inhale OR button activated for those who just can’t choose between the two. This hard-hitting vape can be enjoyed in three different voltage settings, all the while supporting a battery capacity that will keep you worry free from running out of charge. The Astro Mod is also extremely portable, sitting comfortably in your palm with its ergonomic design and black soft touch finish. Features include:

  • Both button or inhale activated
  • Anti-clogging technology
  • 1.0g Astro Pod included
  • Pod capacity: 0.5g and 1.0g
  • Battery capacity: 350mAh
  • Power on/off: quick click 5 times
  • LED indicator light for 3 variable voltages, quick click 3 times to switch between: green = 2.7V, blue = 3.4V, red = 4.3V
  • Overtime inhaling protection over 10 seconds of inhalation
  • iKonic Ceramic Coil
  • iKrusher lanyard
  • USB-C Charge Port (charger included)
used for: oil

Astro Mod by iKrusher

Don’t be fooled by how light and discreet the Astro Mod is because this device delivers heavy hits like no other! The most recommended fluid to reach those heavy hits are Distillate, Live Resin, Live Rosin and Hash Rosin for 0.5g pods and Delta 9 for 1.0g pods. All of which can be found in dispensaries all across America. No matter which oil you use, you will have the best experience with its anti-clogging technology. All the while your precious oils will be safe and secure thanks to the strong magnetic connection between the pod and battery!



Astro Mod Features

The most unique feature Astro Mod has is it’s optional activation. It’s your choice to activate it either through inhalation or by pressing down on the button. Which makes Astro Mod a perfect Christmas gift for your friend! No need to ask their preference and ruin the surprise, right? The product also includes Astro Pod 1.0g, a USB-C Charging cable and an iKrusher lanyard. You can attach the lanyard on the top corner of the device which will make the Astro Mod even more portable.


To turn the Astro Mod on/off: Quick click the button 5 times. Each time the LED light will flash in the color of the current voltage setting.

Preheating the Astro Mod: Quick click the button twice to active the preheating function. This will make the LED lights flash colorful for 15 seconds.

Switching the voltage for Astro Mod: Quick click the button 3 times to switch between different voltage settings. The LED light will flash three times in the color of the voltage you desire; green = 2.7V, blue = 3.4V, red = 4.3V. The setting will remain the same when you turn your device on again.


LED Indicator Lights:

  • LOW BATTERY = Flashes 10 times in the color of current voltage setting
  • CHARGING = Flashes 3 times and stays on constantly in the color of current voltage setting (no lights if already fully charged)
  • FULLY CHARGED = Flashes 20 times in the color of current voltage setting and turns off. Charge time varies anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • OVER USAGE = Flashes 5 times in the color of current voltage setting and the vape will turn off by itself when 10 seconds of inhalation is exceeded
  • SHORT CIRCUIT = Flashed white 3 times

Product: Astro Mod by Ikrusher

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  1. G.LOE

    Never knew I would need, NEED the button AND inhale activated feature. Now I can’t use anything else other than my Astro Mod…

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