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VPM Brand cartridges use a ceramic atomizer and are calibrated for use with thick oils. Options include standard Twist-on Cartridges and single use Snap-on Cartridges.

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VPM Brand Cartridges


VPM Brand oil cartridges are available in Twist-on and Snap-on variations. Twist-on means the mouthpiece can be taken on/off, and Snap-on means once the mouthpiece is pressed on, it’s permanently affixed.

Our cartridges use universal 510 threading and work with nearly any oil cartridge battery on the market. They are precision engineered and produced by one of the world’s top manufacturing facilities, so safety and reliability is assured.

VPM Brand cartridges are designed specifically for thick oils, and use a ceramic atomizer for optimal flavor and performance. If you have any questions about VPM Brand cartridges, please contact us.