Our collection of of Ispire Oil Cartridges including the Adjustable Airflow 13.5mm Ducore X and the standard 11mm Ducore S.

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Empty Ispire Ducore Oil Cartridges

Ispire cartridges include the 13.5mm Ducore X cartridge as well as the standard 11mm Ducore S Cartridge which are the same size as all 510 oil cartridges.

At 13.5mm in diameter, the Ducore X Cartridge is shorter and wider than any oil cartridge currently on the market. The Ducore X also features adjustable airflow, which is an industry first in oil cartridges.

Ispire’s 11mm Ducore S is a standard size cartridge that will fit onto any vape pen battery or oil cartridge battery.

While the Ducore S can be used with any vape pen battery, we recommend that the Ducore X be paired with the GRP 400 or THK V350 which are designed for the wide 13.5mm cartridges.