Flowermate Vaporizer Parts including mouthpieces, coils, and batteries.

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Flowermate Vape Parts

We stock genuine glass and silicone replacement mouthpieces, accessories, and attachments. Browse or search our extensive inventory to find the best vaporizer parts and accessories at factory-direct prices.

Mouthpiece Replacements

We carry several durable and safe borosilicate glass mouthpieces for Flowermate V5.0 and Swift vaporizer models. The authentic Flowermate V5.0 Glass Mouthpiece Replacement is compatible with the V5.0s, v5.0s PRO, and v5.0X. We stock glass Flowermate vape parts replacements designed to fit the V.50 Mini and Mini Pro models, a V5 Nano Mouthpiece Replacement, and a Swift Pro Glass Mouthpiece.

V5.0 and V5.0 Mini owners seeking a more durable alternative to glass should consider Flowermare V5.0 and V5.0 Mini Silicone Mouthpieces. We also offer mouthpieces designed to fit Aura and Swift models.

V5 Bubbler

Elevate your vaping experience with the Flowermate Bubbler for the standard or mini version of the V5 vape. This equipment can increase the smoothness of these Flowermate vaporizers. Make sure to fill the Bubbler to the right level by using the Flowermate V5 Bubbler Measuring Vial.

Herb and Wax Pods

Choose from specially-designed Herb and Wax Pods compatible with a wide variety of Flowermate vaporizers including the Aura, iHit, and a full range of V5 models including the V5 Nano, V5.0s, V5.0s PRO, V5.0s MINI, V5.0X, V5.0X MINI, and V5.0s PRO MINI. Order both canisters to add versatility to your Flowermate vaping collection.

Coils and Nail Attachment

The authentic Compax wax coil replacement contains a dual glass rod heating coil. The 510 thread Titanium Nail Attachment enables users to dab waxy concentrates using electricity rather than a torch.

Browse Vape Parts Mart’s full selection of authentic Flowermate vape parts at factory-direct prices. Whether you are seeking a replacement mouthpiece or a new attachment or accessory, customers count on the availability, quality, and value of our large selection.