Authentic CCell M6T Oil Cartridge
CCell M6T Oil Cartridge filling instructions
CCell M6T Oil Cartridge Single Use
M6T and TH2 CCell Ceramic Atomizer
CCell M6T Oil Cartridge
CCell M6T Oil Cartridge 510 thread
CCell M6T Oil Cartridge
Authentic CCell M6T Oil Cartridge


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CCell M6T Oil Cartridge


Single use CCell M6T Oil Cartridge.

Uses a state of the art ceramic atomizer. Fill the oil chamber and cap it with the Mouthpiece Tip. After capped, the mouthpiece tip can’t be removed.

  • Easy to fill, Guaranteed leak-proof
  • Ceramic Core atomizer
  • Choose from 0.5 or 1.0 ML Capacity
  • 510 Universal Threaded
  • Recommended Batteries: CCell Batteries.
used for: oil

CCell M6T Oil Cartridge

Authentic CCell M6T Oil Cartridge, also known just as the M6 cartridge or atomizer. It features the world’s first ceramic heating atomizer, not cotton.

The M6T CCELL Concentrate Atomizer is a unique CCELL Cartridges and features a ceramic heating element, polycarbonate housing, and a disposable design. The M6T features a flavorful vapor with large clouds. This atomizer is best used with the CCELL PALM Concentrate Vaporizer or the CCELL M3 Concentrate Vaporizer. Check out the latest single-use cartridge from CCell, the CCell Zico Cart.


Features and Specifications

Polycarbonate Housing Housing

Pressed on Mouth Piece

Designed for CCELL Concentrate Vaporizers

0.5 or 1.0ml Capacity

Ceramic Heating Element

510 Threaded

10.5mm by 52mm

Single Use (can’t be refilled)

Compatible with all Vape Pen Batteries 


Guaranteed Authentic

These are GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC CCELL PRODUCTS, we get our vaporizers directly from authorized distributors, be aware of fake vaporizers, they can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!


Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

CCell cartridges were engineer to deliver the most flavorful vapor and largest clouds for various viscosity, especially high viscosity. Disposable design is a guaranteed of zero maintenance. Extremely leak resistant and Perfect for on the go use. No need for preheating. Complete vaporization of every last drop indulges our consumers in pure flavor and powerful potency.

CCELL cartridge are the must have for connoisseurs who appreciate and treasure luxury experience and care free moments in life.


How to Fill your M6T Oil Cartridge

Filling your M6T cartridge is fairly simple, but you will need a few tools to successfully fill and seal your M6T: A blunt tip syringe to fill the cartridge, and either an Arbor Press or it is also acceptable to use a rubber hammer or mallet to close the cartridge. 

  1. Fill the cartridge with your oil. You will want to make sure it is thin enough to be transferred via the syringe.
  2. Stop filling your cartridge just below the bottom of the metal collar of your M6T cartridge. AVOID overfilling your cartridge or it will not seal properly.
  3. Place the clear plastic mouthpiece cap on the top of the mouthpiece.
  4. Use an arbor press or rubber hammer or mallet to push the mouthpiece cap all the way down. Be sure the mouthpiece is fully closed or it may leak.



Product: CCell M6T Oil Cartridge

The parts that fit. Not the parts that quit.
Clouds out of your mouth not your ears
Processed within 24 hours. Shippity-doo-dah!
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