CCell M6T EVO Cartridge Clear Barral Mouthpiece
CCell M6T EVO Cartridge Clear Barral Mouthpiece 1ml
CCell M6T EVO Cartridge Clear Barral Mouthpiece 0.5ml
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CCell M6T EVO Cartridge 0.5ml
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ccell m6t disposable single use oil cartridge
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ccell m6t oil cartridge
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CCell M6T EVO Cartridge Clear Barral Mouthpiece


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CCell M6T & EVO Oil Cartridge


Single-use CCell M6T and M6T Evo Oil Cartridge.

Uses a state-of-the-art ceramic atomizer. Fill the oil chamber and seal the Mouthpiece Tip using an Arbor Press. After capped, the mouthpiece tip can’t be removed. The EVO is the most recently updated version; there are several benefits to the EVO cart. Learn all about them in the description below.

  • Easy to fill, Guaranteed leak-proof
  • Ceramic Core atomizer
  • Choose from 0.5g or 1.0g Capacity
  • 510 Universal Threaded
  • Recommended Batteries: CCell Batteries.
used for: oil

CCell M6T and M6T Evo Oil Cartridge

Authentic CCell M6T Oil Cartridge, also known just as the M6 cartridge or atomizer. It features the world’s first ceramic heating atomizer, not cotton.

The M6T CCELL Concentrate Atomizer is a unique CCELL Cartridges and features a ceramic heating element, polycarbonate housing, and a disposable design. The M6T features a flavorful vapor with large clouds. This atomizer is best used with the CCELL PALM Vaporizer battery or the CCELL M3 pen style battery. You can also check out the latest release cartridge battery from CCell, the CCell Palm Pro battery.


Differences between the M6T Original and M6T EVO

Are you looking for a more technologically advanced oil cartridge? CCell just dropped their newly updated traditional cartridge, the EVO. There are several advantages to the EVO over the original M6T. For the best experience, we recommend pairing your EVO with a variable voltage battery such as the CCell Palm Pro or the Vessel Compass.

One of the advantages of the CCell EVO cartridge is that it has a more consistent pore size. The more uniform pore size contributes to a better-tasting vapor.

The EVO oil cart also features more even heat distribution than its predecessor. You can expect the terp profiles to be more noticeable with even heat distribution.

Many users report experiencing more significant clouds. These bigger clouds are partly due to the new optimized ceramic formula for better thermal efficiency. This means it takes less heat for oil to reach the vaporization point.

CCell also decided to increase the size of the atomization area. The larger atomization area should result in larger puffs as there is more surface area to heat the oil. On the CCell EVO oil cartridge, you will find a 30% larger atomization area in the coil on the EVO vs. the M6T.

A unique feature that the EVO has is the coating on the heating coil. The EVO cartridge coil has an oxidation-prevention coating which helps to create a more consistent vaping experience.

As with any product manufactured with metal, there is an inherent risk of toxin contamination. CCell has gone the extra mile here and designed their EVO carts to have fewer toxins such as Formaldehyde and Acetone than most cartridges on the market.

In addition to all of the user experience benefits, The CCell EVO was produced in a manner that is friendly to the environment. CCell claims that their new cartridge manufacturing process reduces greenhouse gas admissions by 35%

Overall, the CCell M6T EVO reviews have been quite positive. Many people claim that the EVO carts have better flavor and bigger clouds. You can buy the CCell M6T EVO cartridge online at If you want a reusable solution check out the CCell TH2 EVO instead.


Features and Specifications

Polycarbonate Housing Housing

Pressed on Mouth Piece

Designed for CCELL Concentrate Vaporizers

0.5g or 1.0g Capacity

Ceramic Heating Element

510 Threaded

10.5mm by 52mm

Single Use (can’t be refilled)

Compatible with all Vape Pen Batteries 

Available in full and half-gram cartridge sizes


Guaranteed Authentic

These are GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC CCELL PRODUCTS, we get our vaporizers directly from authorized distributors, be aware of fake vaporizers, they can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!


Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

CCell cartridges were engineer to deliver the most flavorful vapor and largest clouds for various viscosity, especially high viscosity. Disposable design is a guaranteed of zero maintenance. Extremely leak resistant and Perfect for on the go use. No need for preheating. Complete vaporization of every last drop indulges our consumers in pure flavor and powerful potency.

CCELL cartridges like the M6T and it’s sister model, the CCell TH2 EVO cartridge, are the must have for connoisseurs who appreciate and treasure luxury experience and care free moments in life.


How to Fill your M6T Oil Cartridge

Filling your M6T cartridge is fairly simple, but you will need a few tools to successfully fill and seal your M6T: A blunt tip syringe to fill the cartridge, and either an Arbor Press or it is also acceptable to use a rubber hammer or mallet to close the cartridge. 

  1. Fill the cartridge with your oil. You will want to make sure it is thin enough to be transferred via the syringe.
  2. Stop filling your cartridge just below the bottom of the metal collar of your M6T cartridge. AVOID overfilling your cartridge or it will not seal properly.
  3. Place the clear plastic mouthpiece cap on the top of the mouthpiece.
  4. Use an arbor press or rubber hammer or mallet to push the mouthpiece cap all the way down. Be sure the mouthpiece is fully closed or it may leak.



Product: CCell M6T & EVO Oil Cartridge

The parts that fit. Not the parts that quit.
Clouds out of your mouth not your ears
Processed within 24 hours. Shippity-doo-dah!
That’s just good manners.
Mind your business nosey neighbors.
Because why shouldn’t we?

5 reviews for CCell M6T & EVO Oil Cartridge

  1. Dmitri R.

    As someone who is a fan of single use carts, the CCell M6T & EVO Oil Cartridge really ticked off all the boxes for me! easy to fill and a pleasure to draw. Weill be back for more!

  2. Joshua Kennemer (verified owner)

    This cart has held up through 4+ gs of Aeriz FSHO in 0.5 g increments. The taste is excellent and hasn’t clogged once. I ordered this one and the Kera full ceramic and although I’m pleased with both, I’m enjoying this one more.

  3. walter (verified owner)

    So capping this one proved very hard. Was not a fan of that. Had to use a hammer to get it to seat properly and that messed up the actual unit. I could not push it in on my own. So i will skip these and go with the others that screw on and can actually be refilled. these are 1 time use only.

  4. Schmitz (verified owner)

    These are great, and I got the M3B battery. Wish they were cheaper but maybe the price will come down. I had never filled my own cartridges before this, but this was super easy, using distillate you get a lot more bang for your buck over the disposables and pre-filled carts plus you can mix or layer them.

  5. PAUL d

    I bought 6 of the m6t and used 4 of them over the past month for my distillate from a dispensary and homemade. So far I’m very pleased with the performance of them.

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