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The Pax Era Life is a pod vaporizer that is compatible with all Pax Era Pods. The Era Life is the entry-level pod vape in the Era family.  It’s the best Era vape for you if discretion is your primary concern.  Users describe the Pax Era Life as lightweight, dependable, and with no frills. If you’re looking for a fully loaded Era, check out the Pax Era Pro.

The Pax Era Life is for sale and comes with the VPM Guarantee. Check out the Era Life’s main features below.

  • Zinc Aluminum Alloy Housing
  • Inhale Activated
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Four Temp Settings (520°F, 610°F, 700°F, 790°F)
  • 240mAH Battery Capacity (about 150 hits)
  • Four Vibrant Colors
  • Built-in Battery Meter
  • Compatible with PAX Era Pods
used for: oil

Pax Era Life Pod Vaporizer


Pax Era Life In a Nutshell

Introducing the Pax Era Life, now available for sale at VPM. The Pax Era Life is one of two follow-up devices to the original ever-so-popular Pax Era. Compared to the original Era, the Era Life is feature light but is perfect for someone looking for a reliable, ultra-portable pod pen.

Enter the Pax Era Life – no app, no problem. Unlike its predecessor and the new Pax Era Pro, the Era Life doesn’t require you to connect it to the Pax App. In fact, you couldn’t connect it even if you wanted to. This is likely a response to the removal of the Pax App from the Apple App store. While there is a workaround, it’s not nearly as seamless as a fully functional app.

It’s an easy-to-use, well-built oil pod vape that comes in at a very attractive price point. The functionality is superb, particularly for such a compact device.

Pax Era Life Form Factor

The Pax Era Life is slimline and compact. It is easily concealed in a closed fist and quickly disappears in a purse or pocket. It’s so tiny that some users have reported being able to insert and remove the pods with one hand.

The measurements are about what you would expect for such a small device; the Era Life is less than three inches tall (2.91″ or 7.4cm, to be exact). It comes in at 0.74 inches wide and 0.4 inches deep, which is 19mm by 10mm in metric.

The casing on the Era is forged from a Zinc Aluminum Alloy and has a nice feel when held in the hand.

The Pax Era Life is available in four stunning color finishes. Those colors are Indigo, Onyx, Grass, and Blaze (also known as blue, black, green, and red).

Pax Era Life Build Quality

Undoubtedly, the Pax Era Life is one of the better-built pod pens out there. The Era Life is quite good compared to many of the lower-end pod vapes, but it is less impressive compared to the Pax Era Pro.

Because of the makeup of the materials that were used to create the device, it has a really nice quality feeling when you hold it.

Generally speaking, Pax has an excellent reputation for building high-quality vapes and standing behind them. Because of the simple design, there is nearly no way to damage the device physically. Of course, it’s not invincible; water and extreme drops will certainly ruin it. Just like anything, the better you take care of your Pax Era Life, the better it will treat you.

Pax Era Life Battery Information

Onboard the Pax Era Life, you will find a small but mighty 240mAH battery powering the unit. This battery should produce roughly 150 hits before needing to be recharged.

The number of puffs between charges will vary depending on which heat setting you use and for how long you inhale. Most people report that the battery easily lasts a whole day between charges.

One cool feature about this battery is that you can check its charge level by simply shaking the device.

What the Pax Era Life LED Lights Mean

As with all Pax devices, the Era Life has an LED light “X” at the center of the vape. The four “legs” of the X will light up in different patterns depending on what the vape is indicating.

For starters, when you first place a pod into the vape, all four legs will illuminate, followed by anywhere from one to four of the legs lighting up depending on the battery level. When you take a puff on the pod pen, the four legs will light up and shimmer, indicating that the pod is receiving power.

After every hit, once you stop inhaling, the LEDs will again light up to reveal the battery charge level. Every time you change the power setting, the LEDs will brighten to show which power level the Era Life is currently set at.

When on the charger, the Era Life LED lights will power on and flash to indicate the charging status. Once fully charged, all four legs will illuminate for 10 seconds.

Pax Era Life Variable Voltage Heat Settings

The engineers at Pax really nailed it when they came up with the four heat settings on the Pax Era Life.

You can adjust the voltage that heats the pod to fit best the type of hit you prefer. Pax suggests using the two lower settings (520° F and 610°F) to get a smoother, flavor-rich puff. They recommend vaping at the higher temp settings (700°F and 790°F) if you want a bigger, bolder hit.

According to one source, the computer inside the Era Life checks for temperature accuracy over 120 times each second you inhale. This helps to ensure a smooth hit and to avoid burning the oil.

To change the temperature on your Pax Era Life, rapidly slide the pod in and out of the battery without fully clicking it in. The legs of the X will light up to indicate the temperature setting you are currently on (more lights = higher temp). After adjusting the temp setting, be sure to click the pod back into place.

Inhale Activated Pod Vape

One of many users’ favorite features about the Pax Era Life is that it is inhale-activated. Some have even referenced it as being an easy click-and-go device.

Once you have installed the pod, all you have to do is take a breath. The precise temperature control that comes with the Pax Era Life ensures that you never have to preheat your oil, unlike with some oil cart pens.

Of course, it is highly recommended that you first select the best heat setting for your new pod, but it’s not required.

Charging the Pax Era Life

Using the included Micro-USB charging cable, you can easily charge the Pax Era Life. It’s also ok to use any other Micro-USB cable; the Era Life is not charger brand specific.

One great feature of this pod vape is its super-fast charging time. It typically takes less than one hour to fully charge the battery if it has been fully depleted.

Each time you fully charge the Pax Era Life battery, you can expect to get about 130-150 puffs before you need to recharge it.

When the battery is 100% charged, the LED lights on the front of the Era Life will slowly cycle a white color. Combined, each one of the four parts of the LED light indicates the current charge level. One part is equal to a 25% charge, and four elements are equal to a 100% charge.

Compatible with all Pax Era Pods

The Pax Era Life is compatible with all official Pax Era pods. These pods are only available through a licensed dispensary or recreational retailer. They will not work with any other pod brand, and you should not attempt to insert any pod not purchased from a licensed retailer.

The great thing about this “closed” pod system is that it ensures quality. It’s extremely rare to see a Pax Era pod that isn’t from a legal source.

The Pax Era pods and the Era battery housing are very easy to keep clean. Most people find that using a cleaning cloth or Q-tip works well in removing any residual oil. The number of puffs a pod will typically last depends on a few factors. How long your puffs are, the thickness of the oil and the temperature setting will all affect the length of the life of your pod. Generally speaking, you can expect between 300-450 hits per pod.


To sum it all up, the Pax Era Life is an excellent choice if you are looking for a compact, reliable pod vape from one of the most respected brands in the industry. It’s an inhale-activated oil pod vape that works exclusively with Pax Era Pods.

You have four colors to choose from, and Era life has four temperature settings. The battery life is great, charges fast, and is very discreet. The Pax Era Life is available for sale on VPM.com, and each purchase comes with our VPM guarantee.


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Product: Pax Era Life Battery

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