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CCell Rosin Bar Disposable Vape Pen
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CCell Rosin Bar Disposable Vape Pen Primary


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CCell Rosin Bar Disposable Oil Pen

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Rosin is on the rise! Say “high” to the CCell Rosin Bar from VPM! I bet you can guess what it’s for: Yep, Rosin! As usual, CCell is a pioneer on the path to the perfect puff. With their HeRo heating tech, two oil pathways, separate atomization of THC and terps, and an isolated airway you are sure to get the most out of your rosin. Smooth hits, great flavor, and big vapor!

• Inhale activated
• 0.5g tank capacity
• Isolated airway for a more pure vapor
• Multi-level heating distribution (separate atomization of cannabinoids and terpenes)
• Two oil pathways, ensuring clog-free and burnt-free flavor
• Full metal housing with food-grade mouthpiece and center post
• Rechargeable 300mAh battery
• USB-C charging port

used for: oil

CCell Rosin Bar all-in-one disposable vaporizer



What is CCell HeRo Heating Technology?

The Rosin Bar is the first CCell all-in-one disposable vaporizer that was built with the HeRo heating technology. Custom-built for Rosin products, this technology atomizes cannabinoids and terpenes separately ensuring high flavor profiles while delivering big clouds.

Cutting-edge Multi-Level Heating Technology

Traditionally, oil is atomized in the same space forcing you to decide between flavor or vapor. If you choose flavor you flirt with potential clogs, if you choose vapor you may experience dry hits. However, with this new multi-level heating technology, your cannabinoids and terpenes are atomized at their optimal temperature in separate spaces. You can now enjoy the true-to-plant flavor and potent clouds at the same time.

Two Oil Pathways, Twice the Enjoyment

Two oil pathways provide a continuous oil supply to the atomizer, preventing a burnt taste or dry hits. This technology ensures that you can enjoy big vapor instantly without the need to pre-heat your oil.

Isolated Airway for clean vapor

The Rosin Bar is designed to keep the atomizer from touching any electronic components—keeping the puff as pure as possible.

How to use the CCell Rosin Bar

  1. Do not seal the mouthpiece before filling your vape. All disposable vapes have a lock feature, once sealed it can not be opened.
  2. Make sure your disposable vape is fully charged before first use.
  3. Fill your Rosin Bar with your favorite Rosin concentrate. We suggest using a syringe to put your oil into the tank for a mess-free experience.
  4. Once filled, seal the mouthpiece and place the vape right side up for 30 minutes for the oil to saturate the atomizer.
  5. Now all you have to do is inhale and enjoy!

Product: CCell Rosin Bar Disposable Oil Pen

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1 review for CCell Rosin Bar Disposable Oil Pen

  1. Theo

    I always run into clogs because my Rosin is too thick but this CCell Rosin Bar Disposable Oil Pen is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! My new go to vape for my rosin!

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