VPM Pax Era Vaporizer kit
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VPM Pax Era Vaporizer kit

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Pax Era Battery


The Pax Era battery is the original pod vape battery that Pax Labs released. They have since also released the Pax Era Life and Pax Era Pro.  The Pax Era battery is compatible with Pax Era pods which are only available for sale from licensed dispensaries. This is an inhale-activated oil vape with four temperature settings. The Pax Era is small and discreet.

  • Four Temperature Modes
  • Inhale Activated
  • Compatible with Pax Era Pods
  • Includes Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty from PAX
  • 240 mAh Battery Capacity
  • Pod Clicks into Place
  • LED Indicator Light
used for: oil

Pax Era Battery for Pax Era Vape Pods

The Pax Era Battery is a high-tech vaporizer pen that offers a unique vaping experience. One of its most noteworthy features is its Bluetooth capability, which allows users to control the device through an app on their smartphone. This app enables users to adjust the temperature of the device, the LED lighting, and even the vapor volume and flavor. The device also has pre-programmed hand gestures that allow users to change the LED lighting with a flick of the wrist.

One of the standout features of the Pax Era Battery is its pods, which are essentially flat cartridges filled with THC oil. Pax Era Pods are only available from licensed dispensaries. They are made from food-grade polycarbonate, ensuring safe vaping. These pods snap into place, quickly changing without spillage or leaks. However, it is essential to note that the pods are disposable and non-refillable.

In terms of performance, the Pax Era delivers a satisfying flavor, but it burns through pods quickly, depending on the heat setting. The device has temperature settings ranging from low to high, indicated by the color of the LED petals on the front. It has a battery life of around an hour and a half and can be charged with a micro USB cable.

Overall, the Pax Era Battery is a sleek, modern vaporizer pen offering a unique vaping experience. Its Bluetooth capability and pre-filled pods make it easy to use and customize, while its LED lighting and hand gestures add a touch of fun to the vaping experience. However, its non-refillable pods and relatively short battery life may be a drawback for some users.

The New Pax Era

The new Pax Era with the Ultra colors brings a rush of excitement just in time for the festive holiday season! With its re-engineered technology, you will be able to enjoy your sessions with 50% heavier hits and longer battery life! Pax Era Ultra is now smaller making it more portable and discreet with a sleek design. To change temperatures on your New Pax Era Ultra just pop-and-click the pod until you reach your desired temperature. Another great feature the new Pax Era has is its anti-clogging technology. All you have to do is click in your pod and the Pax Era will automatically unclog it without the need to inhale.

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Product: Pax Era Battery

The parts that fit. Not the parts that quit.
Clouds out of your mouth not your ears
Processed within 24 hours. Shippity-doo-dah!
That’s just good manners.
Mind your business nosey neighbors.
Because why shouldn’t we?

2 reviews for Pax Era Battery

  1. Willis88

    No matter how many vapes I buy I always go back to Pax Era Battery. beautiful and easy to use

  2. Moh_ed

    You can never go wrong with Pax Era Battery the OG vape! It’s so easy to use and so discreet! Love it!

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