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Vaporizer Parts

Customizability is one of the benefits of vaping. Unlike e-cigarettes, your vape is not one size fits all. How you set up your vape directly influences the payout. Some vapers want more of a strong throat hit, whereas others want clouds or a smaller throat hit. How you choose to accessorize your vape depends on how you vape. Vaporizer pen parts do not last forever.  You have to replace them regularly.

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When it comes to vape pen replacement parts, you are most likely to be on the hunt for new vape coils. These are the most commonly replaced parts. What happens is that the wire coils absorbs the e-juice and creates vapor. Naturally, this puts it through more stress and it often becomes clogged and dirty. How you choose your coils depends heavily on your preferences.

Next, there are cartridges. The debate between glass and metal cartridges and polycarbonate cartridges is ongoing. Metal and glass offer you more flavor with a cleaner, smoother draw. When looking at weed pen parts, most users prefer metal and glass to the plastic. This is because metal mouthpieces offer a larger initial hit than plastic do.

The best way to find out which parts work best for you is to experiment with clouds. All of our parts are of high quality and the options are virtually limitless. The biggest factor to the parts you choose are what type of vape you own and what you plan to get out of it. We even categorize vape parts by brand or vape parts by type to make it simpler.