Nokiva vape mouthpiece types 1
nokiva vape glass mouthpiece replacement
nokiva vape mouthpiece
nokiva vape mouthpiece replacement
nokiva vaporizer mouthpiece replacement
Nokiva vape mouthpiece types 1

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Nokiva Mouthpiece Replacement


Our authentic Airistech Nokiva Mouthpieces are compatible with a variety of brands including Kandy Pens Miva and Atmos Vicod G5. Choose from the mouthpiece with the glass extension to help cool the vapor, the regular mouthpiece for greater portability, or pick both up!

  • Mouthpiece with glass tube allows vapor to cool before reaching mouth
  • Regular mouthpiece is designed for optimal portability
  • Compatible devices include:
    Airistech Nokiva
    – Kandy Pens Miva
    – Atmos Vicod G5
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used for: herb

Replacement Mouthpiece for Airistech Nokiva, Kandy Pens Miva, Vicod G5 + More

This Nokiva Mouthpiece Replacement (aka tips or caps) fits on a wide variety of vaporizers that have been rebranded. The Airistech Nokiva was the first model of this vaporizer, which is designed by Airistech. Recently many American brands re-branded due to the quality and reliability of the Nokiva. Our favorite American brand is the Kandy Pens Miva due to their warranty.

Related Parts include the Nokiva O-Ring Replacements.

Mouthpieces on these devices tend to be brittle and can crack, bend, and break under the heat from the herbal chamber. The glass tube, of course, can also break if dropped. Sometimes these mouthpieces are called “tips” or “caps”.

At Vape Parts Mart our goal is to provide affordable vape replacement parts such as vape mouthpieces for the Atmos Vicod G5, Kandy Pens Miva, and Airistech Nokiva. The problem for us with this mouthpiece is that it’s tough to rank high in google when there are so many brands this is compatible with. We like helping you with our exceptional customer service and prices that are much more affordable than dealing with top brands, but Google is the only way for you to find us.

For that reason, please stop reading this as all we’re about to do is keyword stuff about the wide range of brands this replacement mouthpiece is compatible with. Thanks 🙂

If your Atmos Vicod Mouthpiece, Kandy Pens Miva mouthpiece, or Atmos Vicod g5 mouthpiece  broke this replacement will work for you!

Mouthpiece for Kandy Pens Miva

The Kandy Pens Micro Miva mouthpiece can easily be fall out of its slot and be lost or can become clogged with debris. Our replacement mouthpiece is fully compatible with the Kandy Pens Miva vaporizer mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece for Atmos Vicod G5

If your Atmos Vicod G5 Mouthpiece has broken, you’re also in luck! I feel that the Atmos Vicod did not take off and become popular, but if you did end up with one chances are you’re pretty happy with it. Our mouthpiece is also for the Atmos Vicod.

Mouthpiece for Vaportech Baker 2.0

Our Nokiva Mouthpiece Replacement fit the Vaportech Baker Mouthpiece

Other Brands Compatible with the Airistech Nokiva Mouthpiece Replacement?

If your vaporizer looks like the Nokiva, chances are our mouthpieces will fit. The only reason why they may not fit is if your brand chose to manufacturer at a knock-off factory to save a few bucks. The Nokiva has become a popular vaporizer, so unfortunately some factories in China are making fakes, then American brands sometimes choose to buy the fakes to save some cash.

Product: Nokiva Mouthpiece Replacement

The parts that fit. Not the parts that quit.
Clouds out of your mouth not your ears
Processed within 24 hours. Shippity-doo-dah!
That’s just good manners.
Mind your business nosey neighbors.
Because why shouldn’t we?

3 reviews for Nokiva Mouthpiece Replacement

  1. Tanner Little

    I love both of these!!!

  2. Julia Hernandez

    I ordered the glass mouthpiece, and just had to comment on how thorough the packaging was! Thanks for assuring it got to me in one piece! You guys are awesome!

  3. Sean

    I love that these are offered with or without the glass! I love having my glass extension for at home use, but like the piece of mind of the regular mouthpiece when out and about!

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