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Parts for G Pen

Whether you choose the classic silver and black wand of the original G Pen, the G Slim, G Pro, Micro G or the Snoop Dogg version, Vape Parts Mart has everything you need to maintain, fix and replace your go to vaporizer. The sleek designs of the vaporizer pens can be taken anywhere from concerts to airplanes. Travel with needed parts for quick maintenance so you are never without your vaporizer. Vape Parts Mart has the largest selection of pen replacement parts you need at an affordable price with easy delivery.

Types of Replacement Parts

Simple things like replacing a worn out battery for G slim, ceramic wax coil for G pen and mesh screens are part of normal pen maintenance. These parts wear out over time depending on your usage. Improve your vaporizer with G pen attachments like different colored mouthpieces. A different color can add a bit of flair to your pen while still getting the high you desire. Know the best time to inhale with a build your own wax globe attachment. Unlike regular attachments, the globe lets you see the smoke through the glass. Protect your pen with a wooden case that easily fits in your bag, suitcase, purse or jacket pocket.

High-Quality Customer Service

Our customer service agents are available to answer any and all of your questions regarding any of our products. We want you to leave our site satisfied and informed. Whether you’re trying to decide on the best pen or vape pen battery for you or not sure which pen part to buy, we are here to help you. Vape Parts Mart has a variety of parts and the G pen for sale to give our customers a one-stop shop for all their vaporizer needs. Many parts work in more than one type of pen so reach out and one of our agents can assist you. We want to be your trusted go-to vaporizer parts company.


A listing of all of the parts for the G Pen. Need to replace a broken part for your G Pen, Atmos, or any 601 thread vaporizer? Then shop at Vape Parts Mart for high quality replacement Snoop Dogg G Pen or Micro G Pen parts at great prices. Vape Parts Mart has a large selection of fully compatible and aftermarket tanks, batteries, screens, and accessories for any 601 thread vaporizer such as the G Pen or Atmos. Enjoy ultra fast shipping in the U.S. and worldwide by ordering online today!