Jupiter Research L9 battery full kit with the charger and packaging
Jupiter Research Liquid 9 oil vape battery
Jupiter Liquid 9 battery
Jupiter Liquid 9 battery
close up zoomed in photo of the Jupiter 9 battery
jupiter research liquid 9 oil vape pen battery charge port
Jupiter Liquid 9 battery
Jupiter L9 magnetic battery
Jupiter Liquid 9 battery Cartridge cover
Jupiter Liquid 9 Battery packaging
Jupiter research Liquid 9 battery with a Liquid 9 oil cartridge
L9 oil cartridge and L9 battery from Jupiter Research
Back of the box of the Jupiter L9 oil cartridge battery
Jupiter Research L9 battery full kit with the charger and packaging


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Jupiter Liquid 9 Vape Battery

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* ATTENTION: This battery can ONLY ship within the state of Arizona. For customers outside of Arizona, we recommend purchasing other Jupiter Products such as the Jupiter Palm Battery.

The Liquid 9 is Jupiter’s newest Li-ion battery featuring inhale activation, magnetic cartridge connection, and state of the art patented design.

  • Powerful 320mAh battery
  • Inhale activation
  • Micro USB charge port
  • Small design with full cartridge protection

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Jupiter Liquid 9 Oil Cartridge (magnet installed)

Jupiter Liquid 9 Battery (L9)

The Jupiter Liquid 9 Battery, also known as the L9 battery is an elegant fusion of science and design. Jupiter is a vapor delivery platform specifically engineered for premium extracts. The L9 is designed for a variety of Oil Cartridges such as the L9 cartridge.

Its unique architecture and technology delivers a consistent, satisfying, and unmatched experience in remarkably simple form.

Contents of The L9 Package include:

  • Liquid 9 Rechargeable Device
  • Micri USB Charging Cable
  • 1 gram Cartridge Sleeve
  • .5 gram Cartridge Sleeve
  • User Manual
  • Non-functional Display Cartridge




Jupiter Liquid 9 Battery Unique Features

The L9 Battery is unique in a few ways.  The battery connects to the cartridges using a built in internal battery.  Genuine L9 Cartridges are the only cartridge that does not require a magnetic adapter.  No more power button, the L9 battery is inhale activated.  Simply attach your cartridge and inhale, it’s that easy!  The Jupiter Liquid 9 Vape kit includes two cartridge sleeves, the .5ml and the 1ml.  These covers are designed to hold the cartridge perfectly in place so the magnetic connections isn’t broken.  If you break the magnetic connection the battery won’t be able to apply the proper voltage needed to heat your cartridge and produce vapor.


Cartridge Compatibility

Jupiter Research designed the Liquid 9 Battery to work solely with the Jupiter L9 Cartridges.  The L9 Cartridge are phenomenal and use the legendary CCell technology inside.  Most L9 cartridges are available pre-filled from your local dispensary.  VapePartsMart carries the empty cartridges that you can fill your self.  Please note that the L9 cartridges can be difficult for fill for a novice user.  There are some work arounds to using the L9 cartridge but you must try them at your own risk.  Since the Jupiter Liquid 9 battery has an internal magnet you can use a magnetic cartridge adapter that will thread onto your favorite cartridge and allow the battery to stick to them.  When doing this you may not be able to use the provided cartridge sleeves and it will make it easy for you to break the magnetic connection.

If you choose to go the route of the magnetic adapter we suggest using the CCell Th2 Cartridge as it has provided the most success.

Product: Jupiter Liquid 9 Vape Battery

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2 reviews for Jupiter Liquid 9 Vape Battery

  1. 5 out of 5

    verified buyer

    It works great and I love the form factor. One charge gets me through a heavy day of use. Really the only thing I did't love was I was not aware that it won't work with oil cartridges other than the L9 oil cartridge unless you buy the magnet parts for the Palm vape. I buy TH2 cartridges and use the Palm adapters with them because they are cheaper than the L9 magnetic cartridges.

  2. 4 out of 5

    verified buyer

    Behind the Palm battery the L9 has been my favorite vape battery for my oil cartridges. The design really is unique, if feels and looks incredibly well manufactured. I received fast shipping from VPM as usual, thank you!

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