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510 Thread Coils

Find a premium 510 thread coil replacement accessory for your vape. Choose from a wide selection of impeccably engineered and tightly-wound products that can provide you with countless hours of enjoyment. The wire heats to melt wax and turn it into a vapor that is relaxing and delicious. The top-notch stainless steel starts to heat as soon as the pen is activated, providing you with a smooth inhale every time. For the technically-minded, take time to revel in various designs to find one that suits you best. There is a style where the coil is hidden in a ceramic disc, for example, leaving nothing exposed. Or, another option has wires wrapped around glass rods rather than a wick. Every design performs beautifully and attaches seamlessly to a compatible 510 vape battery.

Intuitive Convenience

Quality thread coils allow you to keep using your cherished vape rather than buy a replacement. They quickly snap on to the main vape body and then stay put, eliminating the need for constant handling. Choose a color similar to the original thread coil and it’s as if your vape looks like new. They’re sold separately or as a kit with exciting features, such as the Cloupor Coutank M4. You can find interchangeable coil heads suitable for wax and dry herb and easily switch them depending on your mood. Enjoy the anti-scratch coating that prevents the high-gloss sheen from wearing down.

Fast Heating Technology

A 510 thread wax coil can heat up to hundreds of degrees whether your pen is button activated or inhale activated. Consider mixing and matching several styles to experience a wide range of flavors, textures and viscosities. A dry herb atomizer, such as the Mr. Bald 2 Ceramic Dry Herb Atomizer, for example, can release a unique smoke in as little as four seconds. Too many people believe that the original coil of their vape is what they have to always use. In fact, there is an almost endless amount of possibilities. With fast shipping and affordable prices, you can start exploring right away.