Parts for oil including cartridges and batteries.

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Oil Vape Parts

Oil vaporizers are one of the most popular forms of recreational vaping today, due in no small part to its ease of use and versatility. Preparing your vape can be as simple as grabbing a battery off of its charger, choosing your oil, and screwing the tank and mouthpiece together. Vape Parts Mart specializes in providing you with premium products at reasonable prices, and getting them to you quickly and discreetly. If you’re looking into purchasing parts for vapes, be assured that we strive for compatibility with the most popular brands and designs.

Basic Components

Most oil vapes consist of three simple parts: a battery, tank, and mouthpiece. The battery charges a heating elements with the tank, allowing convection to cook your material and create vapor. This is then drawn into your lungs via the mouthpiece. While some designs have different pieces integrated directly into the structure, many vapes can be purchased piecemeal and assembled at your convenience. Some, like a ccell battery, activate with your inhalation and charge via usb. Others provide the option to regulate heat intensity, allowing you to control the strength of your draws.

Compatibility and Convenience

When shopping for oil vape components, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your current parts are going to work with what you’re buying. We pride ourselves in providing you with the best components the industry has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a replacement g pen oil tank or empty oil cartridges to give yourself more variety, Vape Parts Mart has you covered. We also stock less common items like oil filling syringes and coil replacement wire. Complete kits are available as well, like the Yocan Hive 2.0, including an integrated battery and replaceable magnetic tank, giving you everything you need to get started.

At Vape Parts Mart, we guarantee discretion and satisfaction in all of our transactions. Our customer support service is available to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for, and help you overcome any compatibility issues you might encounter. Thank you for allowing us to give you an unrivaled shopping and vaping experience.