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Pre-Heat Oil Cartridge Batteries

The majority of oil cartridge batteries in the cannabis vape industry are inhale activated, which are great for convenience and ease of use, but really don’t provide much control and functionality for the user. When a user desires to vaporize thick oils from an oil cartridge, batteries with the ability to pre-heat can provide an improved user experience.


Why Pre-Heat?

Below are four reasons users might consider using a battery with a pre-heat function.


Clear the clog

The best way to remove clogs from the atomizer of an oil cartridge is to give it more heat. With a regular inhale activated battery, you can taking long slow draws to heat up the atomizer enough to remove the clog. However, the best option is to use a battery with a pre-heat function such as a battery with a button. Just hold down the button for a few seconds before inhalation, and the atomizer will have warmed enough to remove the clog.

Better airflow

Not all of us have the strongest lungs or the desire to “suck” on their cartridge with all their might. If your cartridge is free from clogs, the airflow will be unrestricted and it will be easier on the lungs because it’s be easier to inhale.

Better for thick oils

Most oil cartridges are filled with thick oils. If your oil is on the thick side, a battery with variable voltage or the ability to pre-heat the atomizer will be helpful for warming the oil and bringing it into and through the atomizer.

Cold Environment

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or you just the temps on the chilly side, if the ambient temperature is low around your vape pen, the oil inside your cartridge is going to be highly viscous (thick) and require more heat to properly vaporize. Using the pre-heat function on your pen will thin out the cold oil and make for a more enjoyable hit.