Vaping Regulations in Florida

, Vaping Regulations in Florida

Florida vaping laws changed in November 2018 when the state passed a ban on vaping indoors. Under the new regulations, vaporizers will be treated like cigarettes and be allowed only in homes and certain bars and hotel rooms. Florida defines a vaporizer as “any product that employs an electronic, chemical or mechanical means to produce vapor from a nicotine product,” including both oil and wax vapes.

The new law was bundled with measures to eliminate offshore drilling, since both regulations are designed to control environmental pollution. So-called Amendment 9 was passed by the Florida Constitution Revision Commission, which forms every 20 years to refer constitutional amendments to the ballot. Florida joins a dozen other states that have passed their own vape bans.

What Is Florida’s Legal Vaping Age? 

Vaping laws in Florida prohibit the sale of vaporizers to anyone younger than age 18. Self-service displays and vending machines may only sell these products if they are under lock and key that is controlled by a representative of the establishment.

Where Can I Vape in Florida?

Most public spaces in Florida prohibit vaping indoors, although outdoor use is not as restricted. However, vaping is not allowed within 50 feet of the entrance to a state courthouse, at fire departments, at places of employment and at the homes of licensed caregivers. Vaping is also illegal in vehicles where children are present.

Exceptions to the workplace law include homes used as workplaces, retail stores that specialize in tobacco and vape products, stand-alone bars and establishments that have designated dedicated smoking areas.

These new vaping laws in Tampaalso apply to the rest of the state. Cities and municipalities can also make their own regulations about vaping in public places, so it’s important to be aware of the laws in your area. Vape sales are not restricted except by age, so Florida residents can purchase Jupiter vapes and other models and accessories from a reputable online retailer.

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