10 Reasons a Vaporizer is the best way to smoke Dry Herbs


Vaping has become the new trend for smoking dry herbs, and it’s not surprising. From recreational users to medical patients, vaporizing continues to increase in popularity. This article will go over the top ten reasons why vaporizing is the best way to smoke herbs. We will also point out some common misconceptions about vaping and smoking in general.

Number One – Health

It’s hard to think of a better reason to start vaporizing than your health. Combustion is linked to countless chemicals that are well known to cause cancer. For anyone who is still under the belief that smoking herbs is any healthier than smoking tobacco, this article would beg to differ.

Additionally, this article confirms the research. To summarize it shortly for you ”Scientists found that ammonia levels were 20 times higher in herbal smoke (when compared to tobacco smoke), while hydrogen cyanide, nitric oxide and certain aromatic amines occurred at 3-5 times higher in the dry herb smoke.”

Vaping has significantly less toxins in general according to countless studies. Unless your intention is breathing in toxins, vaping is a much smarter choice. Some users report that they can’t get the same high when vaping without smoking, this is because smoking releases additional carcinogens that also produce an effect. It only took me a bit of time to get used to the difference, and the only description I find to be fitting would be vaping produces a cleaner high than smoking. Over time, now I don’t like the effects of smoking anymore, I admit to smoking once (a joint) in the last year, but I would’ve preferred to vape it.

Number Two – Efficiency

On top of being better for your health, efficiency is a common reason for switching to vaping. Studies have shown that smoking is extremely inefficient, while vaping on the other hand is able to extract a greater overall quantity of flavors without destroying them.   Others commonly report using less material after switching, and eventually the vaporizer pays for itself in saved material. Finally, with vaping there is a chance you will have usable AVB. AVB stands for already vaped bud, which is also commonly referred to as ABV, or already been vaped. AVB depending on how used can still have THC, and more commonly CBD in it. Many report using it in edibles instead of throwing it away. All the advantages listed go away with combustion.

Number Three – Smell

Dried herb has a very distinct smell, and it often for that reason people don’t smoke. Vaporizing has the wonderful advantage of suppressing the smell, this isn’t to say it doesn’t smell at all, because it still can. I have found with the Volcano, certain strains can have a very light smell (some almost none), but others can still be quite noticeable.

Of course, when compared to combustion, vaping smells significantly less and is much more discreet. Finally, it’s much less likely that another person would smell it on you, even immediately after vaping. That would be a different story had you just smoked a joint.

Number Four – No second-hand smoke

This is related to health, but we discussed OUR health. We should be considerate of others, and vaping is a great way to make sure you’re not compromising other’s health. From the study I cited above, it’s clear that just because herbs itself doesn’t cause cancer, the toxins produced by the smoke very well can. Vaping eliminates most toxins completely, and significantly reduces the remaining others. This makes it much safer to use around others when compared to smoking, vaping also reduces pollution in the environment. Additionally, littering is more common because of smoking, especially when such materials are wrongfully illegal.


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Number Five – Socially Accepted

Society has really begun to frown upon the act of smoking. Hospitals adding no smoking policies for all employees while on the property is just one example.

Vaping is much more accepted, and some places even allow it inside, of course in the case of herbs this is generally not prohibited in public.


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Nonetheless, vaping shows that you’re trying to make a better choice for yourself, and others around you.

Number Six – Taste

In my opinion, vaping allows you to taste the subtle nuances of your material. Smoking simply just burns them away before they can be truly experienced. One of my favorite parts of vaping is the beginning of the session, before you start getting strong vapor you will generally get the full, overwhelming flavor of the herb. As you start to get more vapor during the session, the flavor starts to fade. It is commonly described as a burnt popcorn taste by the end. In contrast, there are many very unpleasant tastes involved with smoking, which vaping eliminates entirely.

Number Seven – Smoothness

In addition to better flavor, the smoothness of vapor compared to smoking is another very common reason it’s preferred. I borrowed a Volcano for a few days to try out and was sold very quickly on it. Unfortunately, being used the green fan button was unreliable and stopped working shortly after. During the time after I ordered a replacement, it was not a pleasant experience going back to smoking after getting used to vaping. Now that I am very used to vaping, smoking feels like breathing a car’s exhaust pipe. I consider it a true pleasure to be able to use a vaporizer for this reason especially.

Number Eight – Easier Cleaning

In general, devices that vaporize the material are much easier to clean. The resin that accumulates from smoke can become very cumbersome to clean.

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It’s not uncommon to need a scraper for resin, and to still have difficulty when using salt. Vaporizers can still get dirty, but only a small amount of alcohol is generally needed to make it like new again. Regular cleaning is always recommended with pieces, and vaping makes it a lot more convenient to do. Smoking encourages using a piece more between cleanings, simply because it is a much more intensive maintenance process.

Number Nine – No Lighter or Torch Necessary

The cost of lighters starts adding up, especially with butane torches. Many vapes depending on user preference eliminate the use of a lighter or torch, this is more important for those vaping inside. If you just love butane, there are also vapes that can use it as the heat source without needing to inhale it directly (such as the DynaVap VapCap in the video below).

Of course, with butane torches there is always the inherent risk of burning yourself. The VapeXHale Cloud EVO is a great example of a vape that can be used to dab using a quartz nail, but without any torch.

E-nails are also a great way to eliminate the use of a torch when dabbing, the Flower Pot is another great vaporizer with nothing short of amazing reviews.


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Both the EVO and Flower Pot can vape dry herb and concentrates.

Number Ten – More Convenient

This wasn’t always true, but it certainly is now. Prefilled cartridges continue to increase in popularity, primarily because their convenience is unmatched as far as maintenance goes. The CCell TH001 is a great example of what convenience truly is.


This pre-filled cartridge comes as a fully functional, and disposable one-time battery (they also make cartridges to be used with your own battery). Simply use it and toss when empty! The pen is also inhale activated, think of an electronic joint that’s always lit, and never needs lighting in the first place. You don’t have to worry about the wind, or if you happen to drop it when down to a roach and burn something… The convenience of pre-filled cartridges is why they will continue to increase in popularity. There are also convenient portable dry herb vape pens such as the VLeaf Go or DynaVap M, both of which are very small like pens.


I hope this article has been informative. There are so many reasons to switch to a vaporizer when smoking is your primary method of consumption. In addition to much less harmful health effects, efficiency increases and saves money in the long run.   Vaping is more discreet, and people are much more likely to allow you to vape inside as opposed to smoking. With taste being better and smoother, it makes me wonder why anyone would choose to smoke. Finally, vape devices are generally easier to clean and overall more convenient. There are no disadvantages to vaping in my opinion when compared to smoking, it’s simply the best way at this time to smoke herbs.


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